ndependent blog + Shanghai dragon can really make a lot of money

we first look at the current situation, it is said that there are now about 3000000 individual owners, or the team together webmaster, this is not limited to online and offline team team, then in such a huge Internet entrepreneurs, the equivalent of 70% of Shanghai dragon and learning, the rest is marketing, network marketing, network promotion, blog promotion, micro-blog marketing and so on, the above data illustrates the Shanghai Dragon Charm and status in the network, this is not only reflected in these data, more is for each site, so in Shanghai Longfeng almost have occupied many positions, Shanghai dragon sweep alone and the Internet it seems that this is the future of the webmaster, webmaster trends.

blog + Shanghai dragon is making money whether the pattern of


as the independent blog program most open source, the construction of independent blog is fairly easy, now independent blog also fast development, but the independent blog theme but in Shanghai Longfeng continuing the expansion for growth, in the current Internet environment, rely on an independent blog plus the Shanghai Dragon technology, whether to make a lot of money. Here does not mean that there is no such expert, many personal Adsense is to rely on this model to make money, but compared to many webmaster, this model is not suitable for everyone, so we need to explore more in the next mode.

blog + > Shanghai Dragon

money Shanghai Dragon Technology

I recently also contacted Shanghai Dragon technology, and do a moderator in the Shanghai dragon.CN combat essence plate, personally feel that the technology is infinite, how many we are now engaged in Shanghai dragon industry webmaster, this problem is very difficult to understand, after all, are all rely on this dinner, so now the author analysis the technical components of Shanghai Longfeng market distribution ratio, which is the most salient city Shanghai dragon, I contacted the city almost do Shanghai Dragon City, occupies an important position in each city keywords, second is to the network company, the Shanghai Dragon technology components occupy second, third class is doing now Shanghai dragon training. The analysis may be slightly different, please Internet analysts authoritative research.

Internet webmaster domain

if you ask me what the Internet is now the most, I will certainly do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Shanghai Longfeng optimization form what is now, I would definitely say that independent blog as the platform, today I to share at present independent blog

Shanghai dragon sweep alone

Where is the future direction of the

+ Shanghai dragon in the form of technology, whether this model can really make a lot of money, here I share your views, please exhibitions.

Shanghai Dragon Technology in the end on the number of

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