Adversity webmaster how to give yourself extremely excited

adversity webmaster will inevitably have a variety of negative emotions, like before I depressed for a long time, because of various reasons. Busy time really busy, not even smoke cigarettes, always feel don’t finish writing the word, the chain does not end, do not finish the website, if you were as busy as I. I suggest you learn a busy, tired when you should have a rest, to see the green plants, after all these people at the computer all day. Over time the eye is myopic, waist ache, back pain, we need to relax, the body is not only more important is the heart. With a bad mood not to do things, to write from the article also lost the inspiration. Go to the webmaster group at the nonsense, see the entertainment news and so on, and to improve their work efficiency. In a word: the webmaster must learn to calm, learn to take precautions, learn to adjust their mood.

morning chicken crow, you may have to get up to write articles, at night, maybe you are still very hard to send the chain. Many webmaster day is so over. See the article, write articles, send the chain, for friends of the chain. Occasionally sneak in, and other webmasters bragging, pull the bullshit. A cable, a computer, a person, a web site, you may have such a life habit, say, calm, calm, but the heart is very anxious, even at night, shibuzhiwei. Life pressure is greater than the mountains, in the face of adversity hard to force the owners can hold on, can endure loneliness, can withstand the pressure? The webmaster want to use his left hand to the right hand to warm, to give yourself extremely excited, occasionally decadent to supplement their positive energy, passion for life.

learn to communicate with people, not Indoorsman

learn to comfort yourself, everything is good

in the eyes of most people, this is not a good webmaster occupation.

learn to sneak in, alleviate bad mood


, the webmaster also need this kind of self comforting spirit, do stand as do business, have a good idea to have a good opportunity, but also a network of technology. The grassroots webmaster along the way is not easy, should not give up easily, the owners of the road is not dead, but it is a difficult road, in this process there are countless stationmaster the pain to give up halfway, is not the answer. In short, you need to love the Internet, so as to find joy and satisfaction in relying on a website to feed themselves, and monthly income than the average wage is higher. You will certainly have some satisfaction and pleasure, but suddenly one day Shanghai update, you stand by the relentless drop right or K stand, your mood will certainly fall into the bottom, do not have a stable income, hard business website went like this. This blow to any webmaster is painful! So we sometimes have to comfort myself, as long as their own efforts or restore the site, do not regret.

Still need a Q spirit in the life of

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