Luo Yanyi Shanghai love is the day you can make me happy

excited mood suddenly fell from peak Pacific deep sea, wet. Do not know whether the webmaster friends like me, every little progress on the web site is like this: "pain and happiness"? The pain is afraid of their own in the beautiful stage love Shanghai only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. As they say: pull the higher falls heavily. With a restless mood, write down the side of the log, the memory of their. I do not know whether the webmaster friends like me, the day owners always worry about personal gains and losses? Welcome to communicate with you and I.

In this paper,

A5 are starting, please indicate the source.

and two hours by April 12th, busy work will be painted in the end. The webmaster circle of friends and maybe like me, is used in the morning and evening to look at their station in Shanghai love position. And as a webmaster general, is no exception. Open love Shanghai, in search of their input site name "Guangxi recruitment network box, the website is still ranked first. However, the other I’m excited is at the back of the date was "2011-4-11". I can’t believe my eyes, is now to April 12th? Look at the computer screen beneath his right, still 22:18. I began to doubt my feelings, I can’t live this was forgotten today is April 12th? In the skeptical when I put the mouse moved to the lower right of the time, the computer display is "April 11, 2011".


people often say, three of us are walking together there must be my teacher. So, I with doubt, to Nanning Shanghai dragon group asked the group of friends, love of Shanghai is generally faster in the next day, that is to say today to check, generally is yesterday’s snapshot. According to friends, I entered the web site in the search box love Shanghai, love Shanghai confirmed the snapshot date is really 2011-4-11. I tried to enter the xinhuanet贵族宝贝 website in Shanghai love search box, love Shanghai snapshot is a 2011-4-10, and try to enter a few of the more famous web site, see the love Shanghai snapshot is 2011-4-10. I began to panic, panic is the place of their station, can get the snapshot of the day is the love of Shanghai; panic is, do not know if this is the joy or the sorrow.

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