AdWords launched a new keyword batch upload function

to upload, navigate to the "Upload" tab of the report, and upload part in the left navigation as shown below. You will find the plus sign next to "create editable report" on the right side of the window. At this time, the keyword report, its expansion is the only choice, but this treatment option to edit the report line.

bulk upload file can be downloaded from the keyword report window, as shown below. When the report effect keyword click the "Edit" box, edit version download. Then, you can modify the report, and ready to upload.

last day, Google launched a new keyword batch editing functions in AdWords is designed to make it easier to add, edit and delete key in scale. Batch editing tools announced in November last year, the function of the.


has uploaded the change only manually dial back. Therefore, it is wise, before Google’s comments and any editing, save a copy of your original download. Please note: 贵族宝贝dyaibang贵族宝贝

The spreadsheet

can be edited in a "operation" column. To change the line, input, add, delete, or in the action column. For the existing keyword, you can change the key state of the target URL and keyword’s maximum cost per click. Please note that you cannot change the existing types of matching keywords, but the existing keyword, and not need to mark "Remove" (delete), and then re create new rows and columns in the "operation", "add", in the new type.


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