Art dimension C the realization of art lovers community from the incremental market

upgrade from the consumer to see the environment, the art market has two for the crowd, one is the investment and collection of people, one is the consumer groups. The former belongs to a small group of people, the investment group also showed a downward trend; the latter trading off a low price, high frequency, 20% of the annual growth of trade. Thus, doing art investment and collection is actually the stock market business; do art consumption, more need to start from the cultivation of consumer habits, is the incremental market.


starts from the media, and now art shopping guide, art dimensional C has been doing incremental business. In this regard, the specific practices of art dimension C is: since the media as a guide in the art, the content and the user after the first operation of a vertical art fan community, then began to extend to the downstream downward through the Taobao headlines and other art shopping guide platform to expand the channels of cooperation in resources; cooperate with the gallery, but also by the way the artist hatch open source development.

from the art of popular science from the media to the formation of art lovers community

is a former Nandu art line reporter, founder of Chen Xiaoqin art dimension C with an industry writer, a large media to mature communities will require a certain capacity of business operations: the first is to continue to produce high quality content, followed by online and offline operation ability.

operations in the arts, such as the dimension of the C community, we must have a continuous production of high quality content organization model. The community is not social, gathered together to enhance each other’s feelings. The fundamental reason for the formation of the community is that the user has a highly similar label: common interests, common goals, and so on, so there is a high level of demand for content. To this end, in addition to Chen Xiaoqin itself is KOL, she also hired a number of professional art consultant, the formation of an advisory team to ensure the continued production of PGC content. After the volume of future users enough, the community will naturally attract or nurture more KOL, so that the community itself has the ability to organize, to achieve a centralized structure.

on the one hand, the operational level, Chen Xiaoqin is also working through the label of the way, make the user portrait; on the other hand, in addition to the online WeChat group operations, offline activities: to see the exhibition, theme, art museum, Museum of art, has become an important way to strengthen user stickiness of dimension C. In the future, once the real community grows up, it is natural to attract or nurture more KOL, to achieve the community of the center and self-organization.

The realization of the

art community: the art of art, the commercial business

Chen Xiaoqin, founder of

, says she prefers users to appreciate art in the form of consumption, not just for investment purposes. But art as a consumer goods to return to the market, there is still a long way to go in the country. At present, the realization of the community, one is advertising, two is the electricity supplier.

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