All enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng have reliable sustenance

enterprise station will hope in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon because of low cost, high value. But in my experience so many years only do optimization palletisers website, advised us not to put all the pressure in Shanghai Longfeng on. Reason has the following points:

1, Shanghai dragon long process

Shanghai dragon this industry was born in 2005, since its birth, more and more people into this position. Now Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology development has reached a mature stage, a large number of talents emerged. The search engine is constantly developing new technology to manipulate the so-called search engine management and pressing. Now optimize Shanghai Longfeng road met a lot of difficulties, love Shanghai in the fight is also growing, enterprises have all their hopes in the Shanghai dragon on reliable

3, Shanghai dragon risk

Shanghai dragon knows that our work is the influence of the external environment, the ability to control the work of relatively poor. In the work of optimization choice palletizer website, I have a deep experience, today I website ranking in the home, the second day in the morning to check out in May 2, 3 pages, the worst case is ranked no night. For by Shanghai dragon optimization work to support the company’s product sales line of business, the risk is very large. One day the search engine is not happy, your site there is no traffic, no sales enterprises.

we only palletisers website Shanghai dragon is actually in order to save money, because the love of Shanghai can not afford the bidding cost of our company. If our company is bidding by maintaining customers, regardless of the quality of the website, each click will produce cost. Love Shanghai bidding website, is not the weight, so we only palletisers 贵族宝贝fujiyusoki贵族宝贝.hk/ website advertising for a stop, our website will not appear in the search engine. Our company is going to do is do Shanghai dragon in this area, if not for advertising support, Shanghai dragon will play a role. But the boss of Shanghai Longfeng cost this is not how to support, have the determination to save money, then you how good how to save money.


website optimization as for advertising to fast. Although the Shanghai dragon can enhance the natural ranking, guarantee the product image to a certain extent, has certain effect on brand promotion, but the effect is not a little while can be achieved, sometimes need a month or even longer. The development of the Internet, let the product life cycle becomes shorter and shorter, as we do not palletizing machine industry, product line, Shanghai dragon after a month in order to achieve the desired effect, the best product life cycle may be past, strong competitors might use this time will do in our products.

The effect of

2, Shanghai dragon’s essence is to save money for the company

4, Shanghai.

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