From the love of Shanghai removed Shanghai dragon tips on love not artificial intervention in Shangh


today on the A5 search Shanghai dragon column, there are many articles on this topic in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love artificial intervention. Personally think that is alarmist in Shanghai dragon er. Love Shanghai not artificial to interfere with us this group of "Shanghai dragon clown", will have a large population of around it love Shanghai to continue to secretly rejoice.

1, what we got

Er Shanghai dragon?


is the fourth quarter of 2011 China online advertising market quarterly monitoring data "drawing a enfodesk industry database released recently", through the chart we can see that love a Shanghai occupied China Internet advertising operators market share of 30.5%. Apart from Alibaba, Google plus those portals, various other sites add up to 25.7%. The love Shanghai strong profitability. It is true to intervene in large sites, those who have strong competitiveness and its Alibaba such as Taobao, etc.. True to intervention is those who violate the laws and regulations of the site. This minor we Shanghai dragon made out of the site, Shanghai will not care about love. Because of the large site real, some do not necessarily contribute to the Shanghai dragon can play what

2, Shanghai lost

said that if the Shanghai dragon does influence fairness of some websites, so we’re not changing, the search engine algorithm but his love of Shanghai. Or love Shanghai after survival mechanism. I love Shanghai launched the 3 and how many people share the statistics button. Through the statistics, he can know or that every real users in all of our site, such as the page stay time, the average user PV, the user is repeated every day on this site. So I joined the love Shanghai statistics site will have certain advantages in the rankings. By sharing button, it can be learned in front of our people on this site of social networking page real, effective, originality. These points are love Shanghai algorithm in change, of course, there are other point is I don’t know.


3, love Shanghai will do

> 4.

love what?

is now in love no matter what the sea search words, but there are some commercial value, in addition to the top of the "link", or 10 years of promotion, and promotion, Shanghai is the love of their own products, what Wikipedia, know, library, sometimes even. It is a picture of Shanghai even love their site, we can supply the corresponding product beyond the real one entire page. Imagine what position, here are a few we are left to compete? You know, there is a large site, industry site, the old site in there. We are busy, what also didn’t get the love of Shanghai, also make it to intervene lively, what are you doing?

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