How much do you know about Shanghai Longfeng seven common misconceptions

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on the contents of the original, do not say that he is not good, but not deliberately pursue blindly, emphasizing content fresh also need to learn to optimize the quality of Shanghai dragon page (such as page layout, illustrations, etc.). For many practitioners of Shanghai Longfeng personnel in emphasizing the original when do not know whether there is not found, have done so much in the original, no web page or in the rankings, but more of the original but also included in order to increase and enhance the home page ranking.

two, the chain is the chain of


, the content must be original


is a small business website, the original can not give your site how to enhance the value, because in most cases is just to optimize your home page. But the real operation of Shanghai dragon word optimization of the people, and the original collection is important, but the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is more important. As you have been in the original every day, but ignore the quality of the page (such as pictures of the Shanghai dragon core standard, TDK standard, Shanghai dragon H tag, proper use of appropriate font right, page keyword frequency etc.). Even large website optimization, the core point is also very focused on the original content. But you can find any one million large sites included, original quality content ranking is good site impossible to release 1 million, more is the demand point keyword page aggregation, form a huge network station page. If you still try to original, try content aggregation, perhaps better

submission time, can see Lu Songsong’s blog trans 26 thousand and 700, retrieval results matched with the webmaster tools out exactly the same. Shanghai Longfeng personnel and the so-called anti chain but many mistakenly believe that the chain is its own website. To understand the source of this kind of data, we must first understand the search engine inside a >


or some training institutions, Shanghai dragon tutorial, even Shanghai Longfeng site filled with a lot of knowledge points exist in Shanghai Longfeng area. This so-called blind spot for the majority of the people of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners great influence, and even affect their hand combat site ranking optimization. Shanghai Longfeng problem with a number of Shanghai dragon friends asked me, I made up 8 of the most basic and most comprehensive knowledge of misunderstanding to you one by one interpretation.


it is Shanghai Longfeng employees for a period of time or just getting started in Shanghai dragon, like love, this kind of station webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng practical platform is almost essential products of everyone in Shanghai dragon. It is often necessary for these products make a lot of friends in the chain and the chain with indistinct answer. As shown below:

As of

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