Four factors PR Wang Kejiang decided to rise

from the site of internal optimization, the chain is a very important factor, so if you want to make a valid target keywords ranking, the combination of weight stability within the chain, chain operation is the weight of within the page exactly match the keyword link to the page key words accurately, most of the open source CMS have the basic function.

two, the inner chain aggregation

search engine included articles marked with two points: one is the condensed keywords weight; two internet article repeat.

increased the output of the links and PR what? Search engine from voting for URL, the output of the link is the web site clear attitude and give support to vote, the outbound links is the web site clear vote attitude, but did not support it, but from the principle of voting, there is no output and output are given a definite vote.

The weight of

, a stable source of chainThe

each site should have a statistical tool for humanity, a statistical tool must be able to source website keywords, and keyword search site keywords frequency, so we can according to the need of extended out more long tail keywords, the weight lifting target keywords using large long tail keywords. Of course, as a webmaster you need to master some practical tools, such as love of Shanghai, Google webmaster tools etc..

has the user viscosity article has three points: a stable PV, IP source; two stable user time resident; three traffic sources continued.

is our ascension of the PR core, if you stand inside the search engine can be solved, the user viscosity, then to the ascension of the PR is very effect.

Three, the quality of

is more than four for Shanghai Dragon (Wang Kejiang) in some of the PR actual summary, for reference only! Copyright: the departure of Shanghai Dragon (Wang Kejiang) manuscript, reproduced please respect copyright 贵族宝贝qcsem贵族宝贝 note: Start > left link

PR how to rise has been issues of concern, more friends want to know the operation method, through a lot of experiments, today as four factors share rising PR.

chain is divided into whole output links and the output link, the output link is defined as a URL output link, the output of the links is defined as URL cannot output links. Then from the quality of the output link of speaking, if you want to PR up, the output link must be stable in time, time should be stable in more than three months, from the PR update time is also three months as a standard, then Google sense output link time is three months.

four, based on the long tail keywords statistical tools under the extended

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