8 site optimization chain construction method most commonly used

forum posting

method five, submit classification information website

has become the soft promotion webmaster is recognized as the most effective way of promotion. We can put the soft Wen delivered to some big industry websites and news websites, the article was reproduced, which add the chain for yourself. Soft outside the chain and a mutually beneficial cooperation, access to the original content, through the soft industry website weight increase, webmasters may also get the chain visibility, traffic growth.

Links exchange method

classification >

Links exchange here should pay attention to two points: relevance and high quality web site. If you do Adsense Encyclopedia of this site, you can find the relevant website and the webmaster exchange chain, for example, A5 is a very good link object. Do not look for selling down such sites to do the exchange, there is no effect, must be with your site correlation. At the same time, the weight of high quality chain is the important basis to choose the exchange of objects.


method, the third party blog platform

method three, with signature

The construction site of

chain has been a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar through the chain construction, we can improve the site keywords ranking, improve website weight, it is essential to promote the process of Web site operators in one step. How to build effective web site outside the chain, here to share 8 kinds of construction method of chain is the most commonly used, I hope everyone can bring practical knowledge.


blog chain is one of the most commonly used method, here is the third party blog platform. But with the search engine now gives weight of the blog chain has been greatly reduced, if you want to leave the chain through the blog, we must first get the weight of their own blog, the effect will be obvious. The blog set up early, we do not hurry with the link, can keep for a long time, maintain good update frequency, such as one or two months, the weights of the blog set up, then the link with the number of links, not too much. Sina, love Shanghai space, Sohu, NetEase, and Tianya, bokee, are some of the better third party blog platform. From the moment I own blog effect, love Shanghai love Shanghai included in the Sina blog space and relatively better than other platforms, to love the Shanghai space basically is the second.

believe that every webmaster all know the website forum signature chain, we should look at the five choice forum, "the relevance of the website is high, the website weight is high, the forum of high popularity is not high, not much more than the amount of post every day, page included fast". Because only in both these points in the forum posting with signature will be search engine that the chain is the most effective, there are people who want to which I have so many topics to post, you can also grab the sofa replies. As long as we post is not advertising content, general post is not removed, so the chain in the forum can also be considered to be relatively stable and lasting link four soft release with

links The

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