Do the chain Must pay attention to methods!

third, select the proper object of

The effect of the

, the first time should not increase the number of short chain

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fourth, released the chain platformThe

The quality of the chain of

we first interpret what is outside the chain? Chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links (i.e. links of page weight) directly determines the weight of our website in search engine. The chain is our website construction and optimization of Shanghai dragon is an important part of good outside chain can improve the search engine to the probability of our site, and through the collection of articles, improve the user visits, we can enhance the website ranking, the weight will be high. The content is the king’s, the chain must pay attention to skills, so how to do the chain

when we exchange Links, our website links to our website is consistent with the theme and content, this can have a similar group of users, users access rate, improve their website traffic, improve website ranking, web site brand.

second, the chain does not guarantee the quality of

as everyone knows, now is the era of content is king, but do not only do website content website assisted other ranking can be promoted? Obviously, the answer is negative, although the content is important, but the chain still can not be ignored.

chain is the search engine to search our site of the road, the road more and more search engines can visit our web site, increase the site included. From the blog forum, classified information network, to ask Post Bar etc. should be involved in Links do more, do well, is very helpful to our website optimization.

chain ? A single

including the form of the chain, the chain keywords choice, the chain release platform, the chain release time and so on, we will meet the user search habits in the chain, to meet the user needs to search.

chain is not only to the website of Shanghai Longfeng increase the weight of the site, it is not only to improve a keyword ranking. A high quality of the external links to the site can bring good traffic. However, access to a large number of the chain is not one or two days to fix, will only persevere a certain amount of the chain, the chain operation is a long-term process of accumulation, the accumulation of experience in the webmaster in the actual operation, the failure to learn the experience, can really do the chain, do.

short time increase the number of the chain, the search engine will be right down. We say do Shanghai dragon is actually to adhere to a process, the release of the chain is the same, the number of the chain surge in a certain period of time the site, without stop at some time, these are not friendly to the search engine’s performance. But if the situation is serious, the search engine is found, may also face the danger of K.

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