A5 optimization team optimizing the forum what issues need attention

4, the contents of the Forum building, although the freedom of speech, but as the electronic bulletin board BBS, has been vigorously overseeing every word and action. A multiplayer interactive forum, if the speech control is not good, very easy to cause the search engine, the government’s "fatal disaster". So we need to shield the sensitive entries, or by posting limit in authority, avoid vulgar content. But in the above, it is not the original requirements, those valuable content, can lead to the topic is good content.

forum 5, keyword optimization, keyword optimization has been taboo "repeat" keyword appears, but the key forum if you do not pay attention to the details of the optimization is very easy to cause the "repeat" keyword generation. Keywords: plate such as inheritance home page content page keywords, keyword keyword inheritance plate. In fact the Keyword keyword page is not the same as is the best, so the forum for this keyword Shanghai dragon are independent keyword set.


3, the Forum on the chain chain structure, optimization of A5 group mainly emphasize one point: optimization of TAG tag is particularly important. The optimization is easy to make the Forum building a huge internal chain network structure TAG tag is perfect, so as to enhance the overall weight of the site, and the chain is equivalent to the general optimization of other sites.

forum 2, correlation forum must hold the forum related, because most of the webmaster forum open and run away from the theme of the crooked. This A5 optimization group recommended: initial development of the forum do not set up too much of the plate (6), as a forum for pre construction is the most time-consuming classification, and too much easy to dilute the forum correlation weight concentration lead.

1, technical forum, regardless of what kind of building forum, first as a webmaster you must be good, otherwise barely do it, to the end of the development forum is beyond a certain. The second is to know if the forum is a multiplayer interactive platform, must have a group of core technical staff "to jointly build. To improve the readability of the forum with the common techniques to keep your users, because the "technology" is synonymous with professional, is the soul of the forum. If you do not have the technology, and no technical contacts do not do the forum, otherwise the final result is often "half-dead".


website construction in most of the webmaster are reluctant to go on the construction and optimization of the forum, why? Maintain and optimize too laborious, and difficult to successfully let owners eat much loss. But there is still a lot of webmaster has achieved good results in the development of the forum, today the A5 optimization team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng.Admin5贵族宝贝) it summarizes the rules, analysis and optimization of a successful forum need to pay attention to the problem. Look, can make more stationmaster income.

forum TITLE optimization, what is the forum? Freedom of speech, however.

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