n Qingdao as an example to talk about local website of Shanghai Longfeng experience



3, like classification directory submission, weight increment, here to say something, in addition to the classified catalogue may also look like the site navigation before I submit an article said, the specific method is to love Shanghai "site navigation" submitted by the search rankings (of course, if the site is cattle, you can like hao123, although this was submitted) less traffic, but is still there, and you can also add a high quality the chain, Why not?? in addition, part of the navigation station to do Links, our team generally encounter this kind of situation will not submit, because this kind of navigation station as long as do link is included no, what core, and do a lot of navigation station links, will give users this is a dumpster impression.

team responsible for the operation of the Qingdao area (www.0532ba贵族宝贝), from the beginning of the main keywords "Qingdao love Shanghai" in the third row to the main page, keyword now ranked second, and the "Qingdao forum" the keywords from the eighteenth page to the second page, only half a month. This initial role, of course, is the Shanghai dragon, said the following about our team Shanghai Phoenix example.

4, use the title, do good keywords. Keywords all search engines to get your website from the title, so the title of the site must be optimized, and the optimization suggestions to make a website webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng integrated query, see the spider crawled out of the keywords is not where you want the keywords, because the spider crawling and sometimes people see is not the same, for example, a Qingdao revision, the title "will Qingdao community" to "Qingdao", the spider is not out of the "Qingdao" the.

2, the chain second or we often mentioned, the chain is indeed a very important thing, can be used to transfer the weight of the site, but also can lead spider, the chain, Google will recommend you think a lot of website, and through the PR transfer to the increase of the PR value chain can be to increase through the forum and blog, be sure to look for high weight website chain, otherwise it will be deleted in addition, love Shanghai, love Shanghai and Google are very valued their own products, such as the Shanghai love space, know, Post Bar, collections, library, and Google bookmarks, here to say. In love the uploaded file in Shanghai library is considered to be outside the chain, and the Google PDF file chain weight is very high.

1, the first point is of course the most important is often mentioned, that is the content of the website, because we do is forum, so the content does not need to worry too much, but like this kind of website blog will need updated every day, because the weight of high site, the spider will come every day many times, if you the website has no new content for it for you, that in the course of time spiders will not come back, the weight of the website is down.

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