Love Shanghai bidding unspoken rule you should know

believes that each industry is very competitive, in the love of Shanghai bidding competition intensity here is bigger. Do SEM friends should know, ranking the first conversion rate is not necessarily the best, but it must be the most traffic, many enterprises in the process of brand promotion, but also to fight hard core keywords ranking first. In this case, would have ranked second people to take price engage you, second of the high bid, first click the price rose third, the second place completely indifferent to more rampant, even if the long afternoon, first to the money, also has been shaken. You should know that.

Keywords: Spoof

2, ranked first in someone you

, a person to do a site, by the Shanghai dragon can earn a lot of Money. Now is not the same, is not a can alone in the era of the Internet era, a person even if you have 36 Wu Yi, it is difficult to start a decent website. Even so, we still have to continue to learn new skills, to enhance their own. Today to share with you recently learned to do some new things for.

1, click statistics false degree


3, Shanghai love phrase matching will focus on the analysis of

, precise, phrases, widely. Thinking we generally do phrase matching way, but the phrase "and" phrase matching ", I think most of the SEM friends should know that time is the default state, for example, there is a keyword in your bidding unit", a children’s furniture "users love Shanghai search" baby furniture ", your children’s furniture will be displayed, and this can be said to be synonymous with matching phrases, and these synonyms, is love Shanghai administrator to add their own, there must have been something we don’t want to show the keywords, but no way. Of course you can screen out some words. The best solution is proposed: first phrase matching test for a period of time, the statistics keyword sources, synonym keywords selection part can be used, then the word set to "short"

auction website, we recommend using two traffic statistics is a statistical tool, love Shanghai itself, in addition to choose a statistical tool of the third party (I chose the 51 statistics). Love Shanghai statistical data, is a true record of biddingkeywords consumption, with a click on the IP N times to N times the price of consumption, and the data reference is not high. By contrasting with the 51 statistics, because 51 statistics is completely independent of IP, so that the same keyword clicks and love Shanghai statistical clicks can vary about half. This shows that about half of the traffic is repeated IP click. Remove a small part of the possibility of real customers, other data should be the false love Shanghai. Fuzzy estimation of bidding data 30%-40% is false.


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