Zhou Hongyi encourage individuals to come up with a 10% stake in the venture to find partners

Zhou Hongyi

Phoenix Technology News January 27th news, yesterday in the Qihoo 360’s annual meeting, chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi announced that the company decided to come up with 10% of the shares from the individual shares in search of partners, rewards become technical backbone, partner’s core members, 360 employees to encourage internal entrepreneurship.

Zhou Hongyi said in his speech, which includes 10% of the shares of the stock market in the course of the delisting of the buyer group for the issuance of additional shares of the Zhou Hongyi, as well as 360 of the shares held by individuals of the shares of the company of 1% of the shares of the company by the time of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of.

according to the price of the previous 360 privatization, the valuation of the 360 companies will reach $9 billion 928 million. This calculation, Zhou Hongyi ready to come up with the value of the shares before the return of 360 shares of A reached about $1 billion. In the 360 return of A shares, there is a lot of room for appreciation.

360 do not always be a security company


Zhou Hongyi said in his speech, in the past two years, he thought 360 should go in what direction is not like many companies to look for the so-called tuyere, to do the pig on the outlet. But he believes that after the O2O tuyere boom, did not really leave something valuable. 360 or forget the beginning of the heart, to do with the original technology and core technology, research and development can give the user never had a product.

for the future development of the 360, Zhou Hongyi said that the 360 will always be a security company, the next 360 will be redefined from the safety of the two directions:

first, from personal security to corporate security, social security and even national security, to tell the user is not simply equivalent to the security of anti-virus. To protect the larger network from hackers, not being attacked by other countries. To protect the future of the social foundation of the operating platform on the Internet to operate in an orderly manner.

secondly, the use of IOT (all things interconnect) technology from online security into the line security. Zhou Hongyi from home based security, wearable devices, smart home, as well as four areas of the car networking in the field of IOT is talking about the work of the 360.

Zhou Hongyi revealed 360 in artificial intelligence, machine learning, has begun to invest and investment. He believes that only in real computer vision, in the understanding of natural language has a breakthrough, 360 will make a truly competitive position, there is a threshold of intelligent hardware.

encourages internal venture to come up with shares to find partners

in his speech, Zhou Hongyi said that the current 360 employees have been 6000 people, he and Qi Xiangdong, the two entrepreneurs, the management company is a challenge. In the future of the company’s structure and scale, Zhou Hongyi said that the implementation of fleet strategy, a ship into a fleet.

he said that since last year, 360 began to try to separate the operation of some of the business operations, giving young employees and business backbone independence >

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