A5 marketing two different ways of current stage of enterprise website construction of the chain

: the first form of enterprise website chain to obtain the traffic and conversion rate of

chain means according to the enterprise owners, the author roughly divided into two types, one is in the platform of the chain and website promotion products and information services, the second is to do rankings and weight transfer for enterprise website. I do not know how many corporate owners do, but I believe there will be a lot of business owners and this article resonate, the corporate owners who, in the enterprise do optimization is the most know that, now many enterprises to optimize the staff both as optimization and as wide, and the leaders must see the flow and the weight of the site, ranking, and flow is obtained from the chain, there is a very real phenomenon, many companies are doing a lot of the chain in the chain the first form, but the quality of the chain is rubbish, repeat the website every day, as long as you can give website traffic and conversion rate can be issued, and the inside pages with links, or suffer a long time down station. So according to the present stage enterprise two forms of the chain and enterprise Adsense exchange, see how to do the chain to the two ways to do the effect.

recently, I have been in the industry and other webmaster exchange, in the process of communication often talks to the chain the enterprise website construction, and many enterprises are the webmaster exchange with a problem, they do not know exactly how the chain enterprise website construction, due to a variety of corporate CEOs arrangement, construction the chain learned from most of the enterprises are in the chain extended form, long time down not only ranked no weight, but the flow is up, can not satisfied with the leadership of the leadership, want the ranking, weight, volume, orders, these are leading to. In the next exchange, the author found that there are still some enterprises do webmaster rankings and doing promotion, now one of the most common problems of enterprises found here I, the chain enterprise owners issued to both traffic and conversion to ranking, but do form the chain are completely different. The chain can not achieve these.

is the first of all, a form of. Now many enterprise web site through the website to get more customers, then every day to do the chain optimization personnel to promote a large number of products, information service, website optimization, staff did not dare not to do, after all this is the optimization of the staff work, so at work when the optimization is also not so the chain content of hair every day are the same, but there is little to do good, they released the chain in the site, and the classification is and the relativity of enterprise products, such as some enterprises to love classified information and B2B chain, to the two platform the chain is the largest, but one thing is the chain content are almost the same, then add in a contact address and website finally, this is not surprising, because many owners are the chain enterprises As a promotion to do, as long as the last to get traffic to turn.

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