Do the value orientation of seasonal and pandemic keywords

, two popular keyword function

sum up, a good Shanghai dragon er not only to be good at standing outside the optimization, but also to be able to grasp the.

, a seasonal keyword


why I said earlier: the end of Web site keywords optimization to love Shanghai home is not optimal, but just the beginning! An industry, a product which is not immutable and frozen. With the development of the times, there will always be some of the more popular things on the Internet! That includes a wide range, is perhaps a person, perhaps something might be something! You might ask these things related to our website? I can tell you for sure. The relationship and great! If this thing has a relationship with our website, we can also use the object, select the relevant keywords to increase website traffic or improve your brand awareness, but also love Shanghai for fresh things crawl speed is very fast! So selected keywords not only conducive to optimization, more in line with the needs of users, to the site of the benefits it brings very big

will improve a lot!

is not suitable for some industries and throughout the year, but in a specific period of time after the website search volume will greatly increase! For example, plows, usually after August business will increase, why? Because during this period of time and people, too people buy, so naturally the search volume also increased, which is the specific time! If you as a plow factory in Shanghai Longfeng specialist, how would you do? The seasonal cycle of keywords often due to user needs to increase or decrease, perhaps a month or two months, it is with the needs of users, this requires that Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner should grasp the opportunity, optimize the flow in advance, in order to better! So, seasonal keywords should be how to choose this? We will hold a primary Is the choice of keywords to consider the needs of users, that is to say what the user needs, we provide what kind of keywords! You might ask, why? We choose words not conducive to search engine optimization? In fact, seasonal key words because users highly targeted, cycle short flow and benefit brought to the site is very great. So we should not only choose keywords to optimize, but also to meet the needs of users, so that even if the flow rate is low, but the conversion rate of

today heard a friend say, his website optimization to love Shanghai first home page, now every day will update the articles, all day doing nothing to do. I believe that many do Shanghai dragon friends are like this, think website ranking to the first page complete the boss task, is a qualified Shanghai dragon er it’s okay. He’s not idle all day dry, because of the keyword ranking on the home page is not the website optimization ended, but only the beginning! Why do you say that? Please listen to me to you one by one analysis.

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