Webmaster forum share spread, we believe that in the end who

to tell the truth the Internet which have so many "yes" or "no", is a lot of time is a matter of degree. The dynamic picture is like our everybody say, we often say that the spider will not crawl on the picture, it will affect the site loading speed, but we want to make your website beautiful without pictures of what to do, especially I do cross stitch, is the total character who will love everyone there? Know the website interactive function will enhance our use.


no article cases and data as the basis to the letter

like Lin Yan of his own experience, the webmaster forum has too many other articles, from my point of view, the reason is indeed very thorough, also have some truth, but I was a novice, many aspects of the experience is not very rich, if you simply believe them, without their the ability to identify, so can only be fooled ourselves, so when they see what "God March key words on the front page", "love hair altitude second days of recovery", never lose their resistance, if the other party can not provide effective cases and data as an illustration, we can think that he is in we fooled.

"yes" or "no" is the information we see little

like everyone in Shanghai dragon training time, the lecturer said we must take its essence, to its dregs, after all, Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster industry or others to understand others change rapidly, the basis, we still have to have their own thinking. Like some time ago, like Shanghai big update, many webmaster said Shanghai dragon has been useless, many regular sites are lying in the gun, but it is undeniable that the website optimization is still our most affordable method to obtain continuous flow, we can say give up? No matter how many people so for example on how many pictures, we always want to have their own thoughts, especially in some of the more ready to accept either course view, not radical favor any party, but according to their thinking make ideal judgment.

for everyone to listen to the fuzzy opinion, half, half letter

Lin Yan is a webmaster has just entered the industry before 4 months of novice webmaster, have experience in many aspects, so many times I need to go to the forum or to find the information they need to know and experience the love of Shanghai. Just yesterday I saw a post in a push, is about how we can link into Shanghai to know love. According to him, I was in Taobao bought a higher level, and then follow the steps, or not, I originally thought that their ability is not good, who knows for a long time not a success, a waste of time and money. In fact, this experience, Lin Yan encountered not a two time, really do not know who the author is with what kind of motivation to share these seemingly mysterious, but useless things, and this is not a minority share in the forum, so we believe that in the end of the novice who

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