The website user guide to improve the lower bounce rate conversion techniques

three, access speed is the fatal point out rate and the conversion rate of

, a theme with the introduction of the word is highly unified

web interface is able to retain users on the basis of a more friendly interface, novel more able to love, you can go to my website to see, website interface is very simple, looks very elegant, several colors will render the website a success, so I think the web interface also need to achieve a simple. Too complex website interface than for users to continue to go on tour. But the interface pattern of attention in the form of the web interface used in our country, people have a habit, that is after the first, the first left and right, so I think our best at the top of the column page, important content can be placed on the left side of the website, through the interface display so it can satisfy the users the vision of habit.

many webmaster to flow around Zhaohua cited butterfly, through a series of means to stay in each big website, soft Wen advertising and so on, and these soft, or advertising possible with the theme of the site is not completely consistent. I found many colleagues told me no matter what advertising when communicate with colleagues, send out again, this was the site jump out rate is too high. Many users come to the site after the first thing is to find the content they need, if not turned away. So you want to reduce the site bounce rate is the first step to improve the conversion rate of the website theme and user search terms must be highly unified, here I have 2 tips on this.

2, the website chain content must be unified with the theme of the site, such as I do the website is a way to make money on the site, and you’re in the chain content in the ladies clothes, then the woman came in, her first reaction is to escape from your site.

many owners in the use of the site of the profit while ignoring a key question: how much is your website jump out rate? The conversion rate and can achieve much? And this is precisely the key to improve profitability. Imagine if a website can reduce the bounce rate of ten percent, improve the conversion rate of ten percent, then you will be more profitable? So the website must reduce the bounce rate to improve the conversion rate. Below I combined with their own site to talk about how to improve the conversion rate of website bounce rate.


1, website title and content must be unified, if the title is Wangzhuan like, but the content is associated with weight loss, it is rather absurd.

two, the website interface conform to the user habits


has two basic third points ahead, we will do the website access speed, why there are many websites to retain users, because they have high access speed, if your website Ping is more than 200, so the site open speed and Ping value of the site than a few very obvious, with the progress of the society, many users have open do not have the patience to wait for the website, so.

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