The new site was included in Shanghai 15 days of love experience

4, the various search engines to submit sites in general, search engines to crawl your site automatically crawl, submit a site equivalent inform it of the spider "my website ready to search engine to crawl! Come!" each search engine has the website submitted entrance, in addition to submit to love Shanghai, advice >

this is love Shanghai included is a blog, from the search engine included total is opening up to half a month’s time, maybe this time is a bit long, but compared to those more than 20 days, one month will be included, even enter the sandbox website, or shorter than the time. Before the love Shanghai included Google, Sogou, soso, YAHOO on my website are included, is a little more than the home page, Google, included many pages. Now my chain site is 23, 1 is the love of Shanghai included several, article 12. Below I will talk about my website for half a month by Shanghai included the experience of love. Torgovnik

2, website program (template) is built using the WordPress program to search engine friendly my blog, this program is more friendly to search engines, because all aspects are in accordance with the principle of optimization of Shanghai dragon. If the program is developed, attention must be paid to the friendly degree of search engines, to see whether there is a spider trap, such as flash, all jump, JS links, and other aspects of the trap requires login. The structure of the site must be optimized in accordance with the principle of Shanghai dragon, let the spider love.

1, on the site before forming not to any search engine open we all know if the site’s title, keywords, description of change, it is easy to search engine drop right, even by K. The site before forming, from the title to the comment box for each place are likely to be continuous modifications, it is recommended that the establishment of the first with the robots command all the search engines to crawl, forming, determine the important place to open not modified. If you do not know the robots command of writing, can go to Shanghai in search of love.

3, the original article is false original copy, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is the three level, the original website article. The most easily copied, but the search engine is not the most love, most of the time not included, even if included what is the weight and ranking will not be. Pseudo original web content is a magic weapon to quickly update, many webmaster won its method. The original is the most difficult, but most of the search engines love, because the value of this website content is the highest, the most useful for visitors. My site is currently only 12 articles, but the content is 99% of the original, when writing really difficult, because many of them are a word for word play, each article will use more than half an hour, I think it is worth it. There is a very important thing, the article finished at least to check again, can not have typos, typesetting to handle. This is mainly from the user’s point of view.

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