The new station how quickly included in the page

robots.txt protocol is a protocol for all search engine, the main significance is to ban the spider crawling, this typically is used to shield a useless links, such as copyright information, contact information, company introduction and so on. So you can focus on the weight of the inside pages. But the robots.txt protocol cannot be used indiscriminately, such as accidentally blocked the home page, or after the amendment was hacked, may cause the spider will not come. Always check.

4, robots.txt

3, the internal structure of

the internal structure of important weight, if you start using the internal structure of a large number of JS, FLASH, IFRAME frame structure and so on is not conducive to the spider crawling, although the code can make a web site look more attractive, but completely unable to let the spider to read the content, if it is a good Er should understand Shanghai dragon JS is not allowed to love Shanghai the FLASH is unable to read the frame have better DIV+CSS instead.


2, the content of quality problems of

before Google is still home, the new site will appear a sandbox during this period generally can reach more than 6 months, within 6 months does not give any new weight, now love Shanghai also began to imitate the Google algorithm, let the site build trust, observe the website quality, and then decide whether to give the inside pages out and ranking. If a new station can not adhere to the "trust" is likely to be spent directly by Shanghai to give up love. The most simple love check whether Shanghai method is to crawl the page, view the site log return code is 200, or other code, if the return 200 love Shanghai search engine has to crawl, and put in the search engine database.

recently made the new Shanghai dragon Er whether found love Shanghai only included not included in the page, in the 1,2 years before the love of Shanghai is soon included, regardless of the quality of your number, but now the webmaster is included in the page that has started to increase the difficulty, or even one or two months only one the home page was collected, the inside pages completely invisible? I estimate that this should be the love of Shanghai last year the adjustment result, the first observation of website quality, and then decide whether to release the inside pages and give the ranking.

website is a true test of how the quality of the quality of the content, if the content of the website can not reach the love of Shanghai, or the quality is too low, the site of Shanghai directly to give up love. Can be seen from the search engine algorithms in recent two or three years, love Shanghai more and more care about the user experience, all user oriented website, as long as we will succeed. Instead of relying entirely on the acquisition, pseudo original tools and other sites, K station has become a matter of time. The quality of the content should pay attention to the quality of the article, readability and relevance etc.. High quality original article is the search engine and the user’s favorite.

1, Hisense fell in love with the term

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