We must know how to false original webmaster

site is now becoming more and more difficult to give up many webmaster webmaster of this industry in the middle, want in this industry out of a mark is closely related to their own efforts, and everyone today to talk about our own Adsense site how to write pseudo original content and articles.

is an illustrated article essence, now many webmaster in the original and have ignored the concept of a text, is a text-based original like in the article to add some pictures of the technique and method is rare in general, since this method does not see more we will brave to practice and innovation and the search engines also illustrated article especially popular, since we should love the search engine to cater to the taste of the search engine.

I believe that for the pseudo original owners should have heard, many webmaster can write their own original articles to use other website articles to a large area changes, the final revision out of the article has become your own original articles in this way will become our webmaster in false original article.

At the end of the

article is an article summary of the content of this article and write their own experiences, so at the end of the article we should be a little bit more, we can put the central idea of the end finishing under article and then wrote in addition to their own physical and mental experience, at the end of the article, try to write some more don’t let people feel only hard Baba’s two or three sentences, then finished remember in the.

is the next title finished revising the beginning, the beginning of the article is certainly need a lot of changes we first read the article again, to summarize the central idea of this article is what we can first start from the beginning, for example: "in 2011 the largest breakthrough stationmaster net at the same time online number 100 thousand" this sentence we can modify the "New Year’s weather station network and write a new chapter in the website in 2011 while the number exceeded one hundred thousand after this modification we added some new words and the original sentence to change completely changed.

The Since

to write pseudo original so we must find a suitable site article to modify, after we find the first from the title to modify the title of the article, such as a "master station must know how to false original" we can change "pseudo original is the webmaster compulsory road" such modifications can be that is completely different, and the search engines also think your title is original.

at the beginning of the article has modified here is in the middle of the part, the middle part is we can put all the paragraphs in order to change, and then put some unwanted segmented integration then add some of my own opinions and want the best French chapter repeatedly referred to his site keywords, but since referred to you must put the keyword is more naturally don’t let people feel like hard in the.

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