The statistical analysis of the data to achieve accurate keywords positioning steps

mentioned here to effectively is a relative concept, the initial positioning of the site keywords is through the search engine, the most promising is the search engine search, most webmasters ignored is the search engine for the background and a competitor’s website, through the above keywords source statistical analysis to achieve relatively effective (not practice) keywords layout.

analysis to achieve accurate list of key.

promotion optimization to realize the website is

website promotion optimization is to make the site’s shadow everywhere on the internet. Internet advertising gradually warming had already broken legend good wine is not afraid of the dark alley. In this difficult time, to the site in the network to achieve a certain degree now must adopt a series of effective measures on the site, the most effective promotion methods is short-term advertising, of course, the high cost of capital; the most cheap marketing method is of course website optimization, the time cost is high, but no matter what kind of as long as the way to achieve the site in the network now, I suggest to do anything.

Statistical analysis of

search engine, direct visitors, third party website is the main source of website access. If the website promotion optimization implemented properly, then the site basically can achieve flow, you need access to the web site source of detailed records, especially high conversion website source, think later pave the way for the precise positioning of keywords, the website source single outline described is because I want to emphasize statistical tools. The author suggests that the general service site with love Shanghai love Shanghai statistics and Google Webmaster Station on the line, for products with third party statistical tools, not presented here.

keywords from the strict sense is accompanied by a website source together, website keywords sources through the target keywords and long tail keywords, the possibility of the core keywords to little, unless the site competition is small, but the target words in general can not change, so we are mining the long tail keywords, so this step the need for effective long tail keywords on the site, namely high conversion words detailed list (according to the statistics from high to low).

The The highest level

statistical tools Statistics website source

statistics web site keywords sources to achieve a detailed record of


user access to our website whether through search engines or, or third party website or simply for the user or by a keyword index came to our site, visible to the web site keywords for accurate positioning is very important. However, the choice of keywords many methods, personally think that the statistical analysis of the data positioning method keyword comes the most accurate and reliable. Below the author through the statistical analysis of the data to achieve precise positioning of the key steps to do a simple exposition.

initial statistical analysis layout effective keywords

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