Web site was down right and how to deal with the love of Shanghai

website is down right after the first affects the will is the site of the Links, when many exchange chain > with its own web site

There are many reasons leading to

website is down right after the first course, the need for their own website for certain rectification. And then you can love Shanghai Complaint Center feedback problem, let love Shanghai. Artificial audit rectification of the website. Love Shanghai complaint center is a very good feedback platform, after all, sometimes may be due to love Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment, resulting in the website is down right, but sometimes it may be right down web page is purely innocent in the gun, then you can come through the feedback method to make artificial audit as soon as possible finally, can recover as soon as possible.

page in the website is down right after that, must have regular updates to the site of original articles, let the search engines as soon as possible to grab the page, review and update the content of the page, so that the rapid recovery of the page is down right after. The web site was down the right, the whole site traffic will also be greatly reduced, so the search engine will be very difficult to judge the quality of the site from traffic, then can only rely on the original content of the site itself to win the favor of search engine, search engine to leave a good impression, so as to shorten the recovery time was reduced the right of the page.

Even in the

website is down right, such as frequent changes or revisions, the website home page links, advertising, server problems, page keyword stuffing etc.. To solve the problem that does not represent a problem, then also need to take certain measures to recover was reduced and the weight value of the right of the page ranking.

website is the result of a big reason is right down the page. When a web site’s home page search engine optimization abuse label, if we found that web page using a large amount of H on the label or tag and strengthen, Shanghai will recognize the existence of excessive love home optimization phenomenon. In addition, the full text label will make center website or slack off topic, and even make love Shanghai identified as advertising websites or spam sites, resulting in the home is right down.

Over optimized When the When the

website is down right after, still have to regularly update the original content. In general, the site being punished have a process, love Shanghai may make words into the sandbox, or delete the home page. But no matter what kind of love in Shanghai made a punishment on the site, the need to update the content, and the original content can be a good site to add new blood.

do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel will encounter the homepage is love Shanghai right down, website is down right in many Shanghai dragon ER’s eyes is a serious problem. After all, for the enterprise website optimization, the home keywords may be a source of the whole website main keywords flow, once the web site was down right after the love of Shanghai, may have a serious impact on the entire station. The website is down right after that, first need to analyze the reasons for the home page is love Shanghai right down, and then put forward the corresponding solving methods.

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