Shanghai love sharing tools can affect your web site of the Shanghai Dragon


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share will affect the optimization of the site, will this one study tool, and abandoned the original website optimization work. Here I would like to remind the webmaster, if love Shanghai share can improve search engine rankings really, it is only an auxiliary means, does not represent the focus of ranking algorithm love Shanghai to share love Shanghai. We still need to make uniform update high quality external links, original content and good user experience.

I before had written an article on the Goole+1 "on the" noble baby +1 by optimizing the harm of cheating, the harm of cheating by Goole+1 analysis. I think the Goole+1 and love Shanghai to share the meaning of existence, is an important symbol of the search engine’s search function to the society closer. Since the love of Shanghai officially launched this feature, believe that the anti cheating mechanism is already mature, to deceive the search engine’s Web site will not stay long. I want to be a successful website, you must follow the rules.

sharing toolsSome owners learned that Shanghai

on the same day to several sites he installed the Shanghai love sharing tools, own a few points to share. One station is on the second day in the search results which shows the number of love, my blog is two or three days after the show, there is a no show. It may be a comprehensive analysis and also the contents of the snapshot update. Because has not shown standing for a long time did not update the article, not frequently update original content, to the snapshot is slow, so do not show it is normal.

four, do not use Shanghai to share love cheat

three, do not rely too much on love Shanghai

two, whether it will affect the site of the Shanghai dragon

installation share love Shanghai for two weeks, the number of shares is not much, most of them are their clicks, after the big update on Thursday, ranking has basically been stable in the top five, was about seven or eight. External links included and also has the very big promotion, do not know is not a psychological role in the play, I feel really affect the website of Shanghai dragon. The premise is to update website content, Shanghai dragon at the same time do not forget UEO, so the search engine will give you a good ranking.


at the beginning of this year, the most popular topic is Shanghai dragon love Shanghai officially launched the Shanghai love sharing tools, love Shanghai official explained "steadily increase website traffic and search engine ranking tool WEB2.0". I think the most attract eyeball should be "to enhance the search engine ranking" this sentence. Yes, I also try holding the mentality to each site have installed this tool, not the truth can improve website ranking, but not behind others. Shanghai love sharing tools installation has been two weeks, the following is a summary of the next two weeks to use love Shanghai to share experience:

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