Through the 9 years of every day sounds from October 1st will stop service

Abstract: everyday sounds app can still continue to use in the future, but only as a stand-alone player, can not get networking services.


] titanium media has been called the "Saipan essential" everyday sounds, finally ushered in the farewell. Recently, everyday sounds, small shrimp Music App start page appeared on the "October 1st TTPOD service will be stopped, Thanksgiving together through the years of the announcement.

sounds every day in the future can still continue to use app, but only as a stand-alone player, can not get networking services.

as a part of the Android platform has a huge amount of music users, users have expressed regret for its stop service:

"at that time just use Android mobile phone, the first music software is you, miss."

anyway, has been crying in the toilet, accompanied by seven years. From the student to work into the dog, love is not what good habits. All the sad and silent music is you let me share with you, thanksgiving."

since renamed Ali planet, has been used for half a year. The everyday sounds to hear the outage, a sad feeling."


was founded in 2007, since then, the rapid growth of users every day sounds in just a few years time, 2009 TTPOD users exceeded 10 million users exceeded 50 million; 2011; 2012 exceeded 1 hundred million users exceeded 2 hundred million users in June 2013.

October 2012, every day to accept the voice of Alibaba investment, by the end of 2013 formally incorporated into Alibaba.

March 16, 2015, the Alibaba announced by everyday sounds, small shrimp music music company jointly set up Ali, the music professional music line of small shrimp, everyday sounds of the main public users.

every day in April 15, 2016 officially changed its name to ali. Positioning for the pan entertainment fans interactive platform Ali planet, it can be said that completely subvert the daily music mobile phone music player’s product positioning, this name was also interpreted as the day is the demise of the beautiful brand.

eventually, every day sounds in its ninth year of establishment, said goodbye to the majority of users.

in the "great entertainment" section of the core of the music business, has been experiencing unrest. Today, Ali also announced a restructuring of the music.

Ali, former chairman Gao Xiaosong has served as chairman of the music entertainment Ali strategy committee, former CEO Song Ke Ali became music chairman, one group (Youku potatoes) President Yang Weidong concurrently Ali Ali al CEO music entertainment, the Secretary General Yu Yan to help Yang Weidong work. (edited by titanium Media Editor Xie Kangyu)

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