Rookie of the three cognitive Shanghai Dragon

Soe’s early development in foreign countries is probably in 1997, the domestic development is relatively late, the real development of domestic start >

some companies think wrongly, do a website, do two keywords is Shanghai dragon, it is a mistake to do Shanghai dragon is the purpose, is the ultimate goal, the ultimate goal is what the target flow of interest.

in this Internet era, the electricity supplier development along with the development of the Internet and the rapid development of the Internet, in the economic tide in the birth of a model, which is the Shanghai dragon, if electronic commerce is the core of the network marketing, network marketing is the core of the search engine, Shanghai Dragon technology is and dealing with a search engine, for example, Shanghai dragon like a doctor, the doctor is dedicated to the site, because the search engines don’t love unhealthy websites, we have to do is send to the website search engine optimization, let love on your website, every day to your site.

Search Engine Optimization English Shanghai dragon is the abbreviation Chinese for search engine optimization

Shanghai dragon simply refers to the acquisition of technology and process flow from the natural result.

is I said Shanghai dragon refers to the pursuit of the ultimate goal, the target flow will eventually bring about profit flow. The pursuit of ranking and traffic is not the purpose is to target flow. Shanghai dragon is a part of network marketing, and meet the user experience, there is a conflict of business process, all to achieve the highest conversion as the supreme principle, not for the Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon.


, what is the Shanghai dragon

Shanghai Longfeng research: SERP (search engine results page -) on the part of the natural ranking, usually in the left of the page, the inherent " love Shanghai left ranking "and" noble baby left ranking ", and there is no direct relationship between the paid search advertising.

the next Xiaobian understanding of Shanghai dragon.

call an example, such as: Shanghai dragon is in love with the search engine, you have to find ways to let search engines love on your website, some people think that Shanghai dragon is to drill the search engine and search engine is to take advantage of the stem was dead, I do not have to be K. This idea is completely mistaken, the correct way is to love what kind of website search engine you will create what kind of website, such as search engines love fresh content quality, update the new content is not on the line.

some people think Shanghai dragon is free, Shanghai dragon is free, no money is not to spend money in Shanghai, but some cost is essential, such as: do you want to set up a network of sales department for you? Find the people you do not give people pay

to do a period of time to see the performance of Shanghai Dragon: gain and improve the keywords ranking.

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