Shanghai Longfeng learning should be good at discovering the shortcomings of their own to make up

from the nearest station optimization, website title, keywords, description of URL to write standard, to sort out the station for the release, while standing outside the chain is the most important release of this fast, many friends will encounter some of this or that problem, for example: the chain where to look, how to for the original, where to find the chain resources and so on, if found.

have many friends in Shanghai Longfeng experience, constantly at the A5 station site of Shanghai Longfeng learning knowledge, to tell the truth, there are owners of their own original, quality must be approved, but many of them are some of their personal experiences and opinions, there is not what to learn every day, there can be said who can learn a lot about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but some things will still not, because there is no very detailed article to describe a Shanghai dragon theory knowledge, novice there mixed in there is also very easy to get lost, so we should have to find their own deficiencies to compensate, with respect to. It can be analyzed from the following three aspects: General

, two station optimization

although the Shanghai dragon does not need to have too high requirements on the construction site, what PHP, ASP code believe that many of his Shanghai dragon master is very strange, but for some basic HTML code still need to learn. Because many customers of the website, it is the need for a layout changes, such as a flash navigation modify, easy to grab a spider; many sites did not Links exchange area, we can only add one for him, if these small things have changed to change their cock or to fire ask someone to help you modify it, it is not very hard. And sometimes competitors see your site to your site to hang off, and what are their code, if cannot read, the site is down right, key words out, find out the reason. The code for the website, I think it is very important, if possible, to study the construction site, there is a familiar with the website code, to make their own optimization to maximize the

Shanghai dragon is a long-term task, not to say words make up can rest, little attention will be squeezed down, and love the Shanghai algorithm change frequently, we should keep learning and be ready to cater to the search engine changes, with adequate preparation, will not be at a loss what to do. This is not what to say Shanghai Dragon technology, in fact you are a novice, not really feel its technical content, have close contact with long time, can make you feel the secret, though many things may seem simple, but you only see it on the surface of some fur, not really at the touch of his connotation. Under some learning methods, to talk about the Shanghai dragon think learning Shanghai dragon should be good at discovering the shortcomings of their own to make up.

, a website code is not familiar with


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