Talk about the two core elements of the construction of the chain the chain chain channels and metho

although we also can find some websites outside the chain, but also will not be deleted, but the site itself is not love Shanghai included, or has been in love with the sea K off, you put the chain release to this platform, not only on the site without any help, or even affect your site in the spider love Shanghai impression, so choose the chain release channels, also need to pay more attention to the exposure rate of the chain, is also the love of spiders in Shanghai have included this chain, only included, the chain can bring you the weight transfer!

for the construction of the chain, to be issued skills, help to improve the effect of the chain, for example, according to the preferences and operation law of love of spiders in Shanghai, according to the daily quantitative timing chain, often will be more included, and what kind of the chain is more likely to be included? Nature is the chain content, now many people love on the site in the forum, leave your own web site, and add any content, so the chain is the possibility of exposure a seems very low, another transfer weight effect is very poor! So have the contents of the chain, it is more often the favour of spider!

is now a lot of people in the construction of the chain encountered a bottleneck, that is just released outside the chain, over a period of time, disappeared again, every day the chain, but not every day to see the chain growth, so the chain of channel, nature is not the construction of our chain of choice, should be the chain only exist for a long time will have effect!

: those channels we can choose the chain, to what standard to choose

The last is how to


for a web site, the chain is more and more important, not only can bring to the site better ranking, can also make it easier for users to find our website, but the construction of the chain has been many webmaster feel very headache, but according to the survey data, for most of the webmaster, spent on the construction of the chain every day more than 1/3, the chain construction itself is very time-consuming, but it is also very important! So the rapid increase of the website chain became the webmasters are very much concerned about the topic, I have to talk about their views, hope can help to the webmaster friends!

two: how to release the chain can make your site more interest

In addition

the quality of the chain, the chain quality then released through what channel is high? The quality of the chain depends on what, for new sites, as long as the chain has not been released to some K but was included in the site can be, for don’t have too much weight site requirements, and for a period of operation of the site, it is as much as possible to release more than 3 pr the site, now a lot of many specialized chain release mechanism, such as the A5 had such a service, according to the website quality custom site outside the chain of distribution channels, to enhance the site’s weight in a short time!

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