Taobao keyword optimization the natural attributes of you

then Taobao shop how to better carry out the optimization of love love Shanghai? According to the new Shanghai pomegranate algorithm and Scindapsus algorithm, key element lies in the nature of a keyword, let search engines do not see a trace of optimization, so that it can effectively promote the optimization effect of key words. Here’s a specific optimization strategy analysis keywords natural attributes about Taobao store.

finally to increase the optimization of long tail keywords in different pages, this optimization is to avoid risks of high density and high complexity, but also can bring precise flow shop, such as you are selling slimming products, now love Shanghai is very sensitive to the weight loss products, if in the shop filled with a lot of weight of the vocabulary, it is easy to give the shop bring negative effects.

is the first to notice a bit, that is the keyword to avoid stack effect, such as you are selling a clothing shop, then comes to the main content keywords shop in a variety of brand clothing or specific brand name, because when people search clothing, usually according to the brand to search. The arrangement of keywords brand clothing or clothing to be irregular in the shop, the name of a product can have such words, details of the product content should be arranged by the irregular state, let users feel completely that keywords optimization stack effect.

love the Taobao search engine, more and more shop owner who started a Shanghai dragon optimization work, after all a traffic channel to find the shop owner who is more of a harvest platform, but for those who engage in the Taobao search engine used optimization methods, fell in love with the sea certainly is not appropriate, but make appropriate changes according to the shop itself content, can promote Taobao shop on effective keywords can get the advantage of ranking fell in love with the sea.

With the opening of Shanghai

fell in love with the sea Taobao optimization, the most attention is the keyword frequency and density, the frequency and density is a complementary relationship, if the optimization model is outdated, optimization model of this keyword is easily brought to the site optimization effect is bad, because with the search engine algorithm mature love Shanghai and if the keyword density is large enough, it is easy to give site bring serious risk, because love Shanghai think this shop is cheating, and then be shielded, lead to shop to improve ranking dream dreams, love the sea.

then pay attention to synonym keywords evolution, which is an important way to shop keywords natural attribute optimization, effectively avoid the risk of being keyword optimization density love Shanghai shield, but also can effectively promote the search engine recognition, such as the sale of your pin U disk storage products such as, in the product introduction it can be transformed into a mobile hard disk, memory card, USB card reader and read the evolution of words, while in the ALT tag should be appropriate with introduction, so that it can effectively improve the optimization effect.

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