s to Shanghai dragon portal on the novice webmaster

in Shanghai Longfeng it is not complicated, the key lies in the execution, we all know that execution determines success or not, if you do not have a good psychological quality and strong execution, is very far away from success, at least not immediate, in Shanghai dragon phoenix process, also a non immediate. Mature Shanghai Dragon R all that really want to put a new do before 3 time is needed, and this time is the accumulation of experience, is also an exercise if they have a strong psychological pressure and a strong executive ability, others see the scenery, the success of others, will to imitate, to follow, in fact it’s just a copy, there is no sense of innovation, so that the outcome is actually a fiasco, so here I advise those who are on the novice Since the choice of the road, you need to prepare for, prepare to fail, of course I know everyone is to pursue to success. Well, not wordy, I put the bitter history of these a few years to write, perhaps to help you, at least in the way successfully through the Shanghai dragon little take the wrong way, this is my original intention of writing this article.

in this way through a few days, full of bitterness, full of frustration, but also full of passion, once let people depressed, lost, or excitement, passion. The bitter history of a few years of Shanghai dragon R is probably a very good optimization process, there is a movie like, its purpose is to make a movie, the head didn’t take success, whim this way to shoot film is not just a movie. In this, I write his own three years of Shanghai dragon is actually a process, reflect their own experience, this is the way to tell the new Shanghai dragon R, on the road to success is not Everything is going smoothly. especially Shanghai Road, Phoenix, is full of challenge, full of frustration, certainly be full of passion.

at the end of 2009, a chance from friends to know by Shanghai dragon can make good in the search engine ranking your site, with good rankings, business will naturally have a good development, for only a website and do not understand Shanghai Longfeng station long, this is undoubtedly to mumbo-jumbo but, heard from a friend that is not difficult to do the Shanghai dragon, feel very simple, need is time and resources, there is a stick. Friends said that I have, of course, the program is very familiar with the site itself, in the site erection foundation is no lack of technology, only is how to proceed with the Shanghai dragon, it will not withdraw from the aristocratic baby China, so do rankings may choose only the noble treasure and love Shanghai, other search engines in a certain extent are the two big engines based on the rules so do the two station ranking, other engine ranking will naturally improve, read some tutorials and learning materials, I started, when the ranking is actually very simple, just keep the station update and the chain continue to increase on the line, there is a word called "content is king, the chain for the emperor," I "

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