Luna chubby talk about Shanghai dragon Er care love Shanghai weight problem

for a web site, ranking is very important, and the influence of ranking factors in addition to the chain, content, the weight of a core content we also care about is the site, and the level of weight, has a direct impact on your website to the search engine rankings, so today in here to share her chubby their views, hoping to give a little help to many webmaster.

method: 1 + reasonable station layout.

How to determine the site of the Shanghai

, especially new sites, many webmaster did not pay attention to soft, actually use the soft Wen, such as A5,28, Chinaz, left behind, is a very good promotion in the soft place, there will be a lot of webmaster help you reprint and promotion, is a kind of method to enhance the website weight more cost-effective.

love weight

how to improve site weight method

is a kind of Links than the hair of the chain, such as blogs, forums and more cost-effective methods, you change a super stable, and the weights are relatively high, of course, you need to learn some skills for the link, here we do more analysis. Insist for a long time, every day must have a 3-5 effect, one month down to keep your weight rapid growth.

method 2: the importance of the original article and the number of sites.

is now the most concerned about weight because we love Shanghai, more webmaster care about is love and love Shanghai Shanghai ranking, we can weight by aizhan贵族宝贝, which is love station network to query, it is more intuitive by digital webmaster, your love Shanghai weight, but also shows the status of your ranking.

website, including many domain name selection, spatial stability, minimize the use of static, short URL, 3 layers of flat, of course, there are some number of chains in many webmaster ignore home control, try not to over 100, we all know the weight can be transferred to the surface, and transfer the mouth, is bound to cause the weight loss, there are other people can share.


method 3: Master of soft promotion advantage.

method 4: long-term accumulation of Links.

many webmaster know good original articles, but the number did not understand the law, for example, sometimes update 10 articles a day, and sometimes especially Sunday, an article is not updated, causing the site down, here give you advice, keep the law, one day control in 3-5, of course, if you are a medical station or information site, that would be an additional story, but need to double the.

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