Love Shanghai mobile search optimization optimization guide mobile phone station

2. robots limit release, UA spider crawler love Shanghai Baiduspider (uniform WWW and WAP), individual stationmaster often mistaken for love Shanghai UA baiduspider-mobile crawler mobile phone.

love Shanghai mobile search has been committed to the mobile phone site, with any mobile phone station included standard site, Baiduspider will actively included. The mobile search will give priority to the collection site for

B: in line with the standard mobile phone site site, site specific norms are as follows:

A: mobile phone users are in urgent need of the mobile phone site content resources.

mobile phone

3. on the content of organization, best distinguished by the two level domain name or directory. Use standard, simple URL, to remove the parameter has nothing to do with the content of the page, such as mobile phone models used to distinguish and distinguish user access, convenient parameter statistics etc.. For example: "sina sports" 贵族宝贝 Pos=101& vt=3; "love Shanghai know" 贵族宝贝wapiknow.baidu贵族宝贝/; "Sohu 贵族宝贝wap.mail.sohu贵族宝贝/ mailbox".

5. web page or channel home page code in the best with the description attribute of the meta tag, description information lists the page or the channel content, to show the search results (Abstract) help. > cases

1. domain name as short as possible, the shorter the domain name, the user memory cost is low.

mobile phone stationIncluded

  < meta; name=" keywords" content=" mobile phone sina贵族宝贝.cn, Sina home page, news, Sina News, Sina wireless " />

Optimization of

4. web page or channel home page code in the best with the keywords attribute of the meta tag, lists the page or the channel content in a keyword, between multiple keywords separated by commas. For example, mobile phone sina home page (贵族宝贝3g.sina贵族宝贝.cn/) contains the following keywords label source:

love Shanghai mobile search is the world’s largest mobile phone Chinese search engine, every day users love Shanghai mobile search launched a search request up to hundreds of millions of times. This document aims to provide a standard search engine optimization for mobile phone, clear official station, the station is reasonable, sustainable improvement of mobile phone station flow, to obtain long-lasting and stable development, and promote the healthy development of the mobile internet.

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