How to easily upgrade site through search engine evaluation

site structure and codeAfter the upgrade to


site key area do not change

URL address

site framework as presented as simple and elegant, if before the upgrade site is frame structure of complicated code and multi column, so the author when they upgrade to the structure of the site code is simple and generous, simple drive through the search engine spiders crawl, so simple but valuable content search engine spiders crawl to the site, from complex to simple the greatest advantage is that the future development of the overall optimization and site to site, but also should pay attention to during the upgrade framework of spiders, don’t ignore the whole site, the authors in each >

The simplified

site title during the upgrade to try not to change, the author thinks that the site of keyword and description can be a little change, but I believe that some title don’t change, title is the core of a site. If we change the title, then the overall weight of the site will also drop. If there does need to change the site title, can take a small change to the point and the surface, which is a month instead of once every time the words the way, I have slowly changed in the stable site of title, the aim is to prevent large-scale site upgrade directly by the search engines to give up the search the author, who slowly changed, let the search engines have a suitable stage, to make the site not because the title change suddenly and lead to unnecessary.

site upgrade is countless Shanghai Longfeng Er helpless, with don’t want to change but the upgrade site can not be fully developed mood, I have also had to make the site upgrade, however, we may encounter after the upgrade did not receive their desired effect, on the contrary is a snapshot of stagnation, declining, ranking by decreasing, in the face of this situation we should also upgrade the site? As a four years into the optimization of industry of Shanghai dragon Er, the author suggests that when the site is not fully progress should be upgraded, but during the upgrade only handle the details, in order to upgrade the impact caused by to a minimum.

site upgrade when the URL address must try not to change the URL address is a sign of the site included, if the site upgrade to the URL site, then the next search engine is updated when the data collision occurs on your site, eventually included were withdrawn, so when I have the site upgrade to retain the address before URL, the author suggests that the upgrade will address these links in a column, and then to be locked, don’t repeat the page, causing unnecessary losses of

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