Keywords ranking optimization and strategy

2, remember that each page is best for 2-3 keyword keyword ranking optimization, don’t make the same keywords appear multiple pages, based on the optimization of search engine ranking principle, general search engine will only display in the selection of one of the most relevant page, and you in the same words repeatedly optimization not only can not make good copy, included, rankings, and will cause unnecessary internal competition, decentralized internal weights, and may make a keyword search engine that multiple pages, is likely to appear each is prominent.

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so the study is very necessary.


here for the keywords ranking optimization need to pay attention, do some analysis:

website theme, if you choose a competition is relatively small, and the love of Shanghai is relatively large amount of users to search keywords, as the core of the web site keywords, which is you in the first part of the keyword optimization, which is beyond the written log type,

optimization, is a major problem of every desire to profit owners must consider the keyword selection and positioning, a direct impact on your site follow-up work success, even if is in vain.

did not carefully select keywords, choose keywords heat, competition, a large flow of the webmaster, it can be said that the first step you beyond the more than 50% of the webmaster counterparts.

Keywords According to

defined as subject station, website localization, must be carefully studied.

1, according to the inside pages of the page, set the best 2-3 keywords, for writing based on keywords, so as to targeted writing, targeted traffic, the page theme is relatively prominent.

3, according to keyword writing. Many webmaster is to write your own articles and do not go to the most probably it did not actually happen, consider the Shanghai dragon, actually this is wrong. Of course, not for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, the reason to do so, because the site is to survive, it must flow, and high flow, but also need to have a higher conversion rate, the only way to survival and development of the website, for more users, if the network station is just to entertain, which don’t need to study in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the two Adsense search engine and users to consider the user experience based on good, plus the Shanghai dragon, is the icing on the cake, so good.

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