Website optimization content of the construction of how to do

first, users are very willing to hunt the valuable knowledge through the internet.

: then you time and your time inch inch seconds.

when the user enters our website through the website promotion would want some value for him, while the content of us is that we carefully prepared, the contents of the article and the user demand is highly consistent, the customer will be very careful to read, do think the content really speaks of his heart will the can’t help the record, I was such a person, read something of value of the notes will be xibuzijin, in turn, if you for some opinion to understand or more obscure, the user will likely slow reading, you do not understand where you may communicate messages and, because the process of user reading is thinking and problem solving, enjoy the process of solving the problem brought him self learning satisfaction . These customers pleasant things is a manifestation of the value of the content of the website.

we know that the user is a normal person, but as an individual everyone has strong curiosity, curiosity can give us strong enough to read and explore the power of. We can do an analogy, we each article is an adventure travel, is through our ideas to inspire readers for the unknown interest in learning, stimulate their adventure, a good article can stimulate the user’s desire to explore and thirst for knowledge, let users we followed the idea unable to stop himself, as soon as possible to find out, so that the content is very successful.

we know that the website content is the most basic web site links, one can’t make bricks without straw visible the most basic things is the most critical, the content of the website is equivalent to one use meters, an optimization personnel even with excellent optimization ability, a shell site he also no optimization results, that is this truth, the author emphasized factors based content, enough to prove the importance of the content of the website optimization, but many friends do not understand how to optimize the construction of the website content quality, the author continues to discuss details of divergent thinking and everyone.

again, the first time to be able to attract users of eyeball.

customers and we do not understand the problems encountered are love the first time through the search engine or related websites to solve their own problems, and as a webmaster we have to meet their needs, so we from the user’s point of view to consider and analyze whether the user or in the content of writing customers can read the article the process takes time and effort, we are in the process of the creation of high quality articles will inevitably have to invest a lot of energy, since waste a lot of time why crudely made? Some low quality of the article is to deceive users, in fact, the final return is abandoned by the user, and the gradual loss of search engine for trust website.

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