Haier U+ hit off the contest to decide the winner of the top three to create innovative service plat

November 24, 2016, Beijing Shangri-la Hotel Wuhan, Haier U+ in the second quarter hit off the contest awards ceremony, Haier U+ industry association leaders, experts, the public record industry leaders, venture capital institutions, incubators, guests and media representatives who once again gathered to witness the grand occasion Newell U+, Haier U+ hit off the dream bloom the second season contest finals and awards ceremony".

the contest started since July, which lasted 5 months, toured Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai City, through the sea pole network for passenger There was no parallel in history. reached 11117 people, 221 submissions, staged a scene of wisdom and dreams of the fierce collision. The preliminary selected 100 projects, of which 20 projects successfully qualify for the finals. After a competition, the final clean Wyatt enjoy intelligent sleep pillow won the Championship Grand Prix, KOSIIM intelligent skin care and other 3 projects, Tai Po three-dimensional air purifiers and other 10 projects, the runner up and second runner up respectively. In the coming days, they will become a member of the Haier U+ platform ecosystem, and Haier U+ share the prosperity of the Internet of things.


Haier U+ create a customer contest innovation entrepreneurial dream

U+ hit off the contest is the Haier U+ industry alliance "in response to public entrepreneurship, innovation" management of national policy to start creating customized training action. By exploring the outstanding record passenger, creative projects, launched a one-stop solution to the hatch, the core demands create customer groups in the capital, technology, experience, contacts and channels of business on the road and the common pain points, to help customers create a dream come true. At the same time, but also to help the venture capital and incubator platform to achieve a precise docking of outstanding projects, the smart home industry to flourish into the fresh blood.


awards ceremony, Haier U+ Intelligent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Mr. Wang Zheng, Shanghai foreign technology exchange center deputy director Mr. Zhao Huilin, Zhongguancun Venture Street management company global incubator market department, Mr. Luan day hard egg technology CMO Liu Hong Jiao Ms. common message competition hit off, I hope we can hold together the opportunity belongs to the capital, platform, entrepreneurs, emerge in the historical turning point, networking and intelligent industry Home Furnishing nirvana, a partner of U+ and partner, hand in hand to create a better life wisdom. Several large coffee field joint commitment to help solve a customer in the smart Home Furnishing product development in technology, capital, experience, management and other problems, from the subject, industrial design, manufacturing and sales of "one-stop" incubation services, let the dream of "encirclement", to achieve a win-win situation create business enterprise, U+ ecosystem, incubation platform, investors.


Mr. Ding Yichuan, founder of Shanghai

Knox Health Technology Co. Ltd. as winners of representatives to speak frankly, the business of the road is full of ups and downs, capital, network, management experience and the opportunity to show a lack of. Can >

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