Uterus on the establishment of the method of standing group with B2B platform

1. platform to have the best weight relatively high, generally more than PR4 the best, the best also included more than 50W. The best shops can exist in the directory page and 2 domain names, we as a whole to do some optimization work so convenient.

40 platform to do station group, to focus on the cultivation of 10 of them, to update the site can find some enterprise station articles and products, very convenient.

for Shanghai dragon who is the best of all resources, resources belong to their own website, but for the majority of Shanghai dragon, has a high quality of the station is not an easy thing, in addition to the accumulation of time, space and domain name site cost is not a small sum of capital outflow. This makes a lot of Shanghai dragon Er away. However, uterus actually we can use an alternative approach, and to establish their own station group using B2B platform.


B2B as a platform for the normal operation of the vertical portals, have higher weights, the weights of these pages within the website of inheritance is relatively high, we can try to establish some free shops on these platforms, we accumulated to dozens of platforms, nature is a small station group. B2B platform with many customer service, rarely, as long as the release of information is not illegal in the shops, the shops basically will not be closed. However, B2B site also need some methods:

The 5.

the station PR4, 300W included, shops with 2 level domain name and directory page, comply with all conditions.


3. Links, the company contact, product description, location should fill in the URL, in addition, the shops will automatically recommend to a master station (business information column article).

2. shops to add product easy, do not need to fill out a lot of out of order column, fill in the product description can be submitted only.

3. general shops can add links in these locations: Links shops location, articles, product description, manufacturer information. The best shops built to regularly update the content, increase your search engine promotion, search engines often update snapshot. Of course, most of the local shops which can only add pure text links, but for the love of Shanghai, this has little effect.

4. is about hundreds of thousands of shops, the station.

2. shops need to upload products, without pictures, but the product description of the need to improve, good for the page collection of the great benefits. The number of the best products of more than 30, such as a search engine can be a complete website view, giving higher weights.

hardware electrical network as an example to illustrate:

4. not to release some illegal information, in addition, many of the medical information platform is not accepted, there may be removed.

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