The web site pages inside Shanghai Dragon how to solve the problem of duplicate content, complicated

-2- product description is original but this product has many colors, so the contents of these products is the repeated

if these pages have been solved, then the negative impact of these problems will give you the search results page.

– how to solve it? "

is the original editor for each product on your site. If the product is too much to modify the budget is a problem, then please modify the high profit products by order of the following products are modified.

we met in the electricity supplier website repeating:

For many

main electricity supplier website directly copy manufacturer’s description, I can only say to him in the era of no-no. Update the panda, copy or duplicate content is directly by drop right. Because the resolution of duplicate content to the search engine is relatively easy.

1) direct copy product description

duplicate content:

— – –


now let’s take a look at how the murderer is destroyed the electricity supplier website, and how to fix these problems.

. Repeat content

is too small

even if the main product description is your original, but in spite of this, the main products of the other products of different sizes and colors of the page will also be considered repeated description. Google webmaster tools will remind you of this mistake, if you have duplicate content then.

typical web site pages will have the following three questions:

. The content is too complicated (too many useless pages)

-3- classification page navigation by data query

-1- direct copy factory product description

Three common

2) product description is original, products have many colors, so the contents of these products is the repeated

. The content of

electricity supplier website, website editor to edit a very friendly and very high content of experience, but when faced with a product category of products – N a variety of color or size, each different color or size is a unique product of URL, URL under different styles and descriptions are as like as two peas,

"content" has plagued many sites. Business website update at risk, mostly because of the electricity supplier website is generally has 10000 level of commodity page.

if you have a site, but the traffic is slow! No growth or from high to low flow flow out, do you think this may be the "content" is the flow killer

– how to solve?The solution is:

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