Website content is king the original writing optimization well

, a content related to anastomosis site theme

correlation is must follow the principles of the construction site, the original content is the same. Is the same industry, every search engine will also face the multitude website, which site to the front row is a problem. Many decisions and factors of high and low weight website ranking, such as quality and quantity, structure and layout and so on key links. The correlation is a very important factor, the higher the degree of content related website search engine that will theme, and this is not just related to a column of an article, but as far as possible to achieve many related topics. So, only around the theme of the original is in accord with the quality of content search optimization, and the only way to maximize and optimize the original effect.

whether the website construction or site optimization, content is indispensable, especially the original content. But surprisingly, although the emphasis has been on the "content is king" and many site builders and optimization personnel will unremittingly original, website weight lifting and the optimization effect is not satisfactory. Maybe even some articles written very carefully, the search engine is not included, or included again after recovery. This phenomenon shows that the search engines love the original, but the original is also divided into various grades and ranks. With the deepening of data retrieval technology, search engines now can not only perfect pseudo original recognition, but also to a certain extent can judge the quality of the original. This is just the quality criteria, is from the search engine, just close to the real quality of articles, and different search engine criteria are not the same.

two, fluent speech logical sense

compared to naked or appeared in the URL link anchor text, the insert picture in the middle way of building links, in fact more conducive to the website optimization. You know the picture cannot express, but the picture must have a link path. The more times an article is reproduced, the chain will increase, and thus to link is not only the number and quality of stability, is also quite high (unless special care, general who would not think of the insertion of the picture is to build links >

three, the rational use of

image search speculationThe middle

new words or paragraphs can attract more attention, but not all of the language, search engines can effectively identify. If in the original, we use too many search engines are not very good recognition of words or word order, search engines may mistakenly believe that the quality is not high, not included, but this is not intentional, just a little attention can be avoided. There is a large number of artificial optimization cheating, insert the key words in the original content, resulting in the passage through the confusion of logic. Many people think that the search engine can now identify the pseudo original, is impossible to determine the quality of the article, but the fact is not like this. When the original writing, we must first of the whole article conception and context answers, and crafted in the details.

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