B2C website optimization strategy of invincible

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3, the website label.

5, internal link guide.

first, some optimization problems we’re going to talk about B2C website home page. Try to use div+css to write a web page template, looks simple and generous, can give consumers a more intuitive impression. After all, no one will take your website B2C website to get a garish, east west goods, so a commodity, and in the web design, as a law-abiding, not too many do not meet the design browsing habits.

The use of

for each set of pages need to optimize the title tags, Keywords tag, description tag. The choice of keywords can be their own brands or products to choose, can also add words of regional differentiation, make it easier for consumers to find your site. Try to cover your keywords in the title, but do not accumulate words. It looks like a natural, does not require you to remember how many times, natural good

internal link can be the anchor text, can also be a hyperlink. How do the connection oriented, then we can start from the site of several places needing to be optimized to sites such as the main navigation, column navigation. Here we mainly talk about the link between products and products. First of all, from the beginning of product copywriting, when writing copywriting, if we use other products when the words, he can give products with hyperlinks on the way. In addition, the product page open >


1, face the problem.


B2C website the pictures a commonplace talk of an old scholar, try to make it clear, add your website watermark, in addition, try not to use when you can not picture description, search engine is difficult to capture images than pride, if you must use images to display, add to the picture "ALT" label.

4, image optimization.

is the title of this article is I think for a long time, so called, because I think the content of the text written in reality, I want to attract more people to read this article, because I want to talk about today is some real optimization techniques, B2C website optimization is a chicken ribs, most students. So, if you see here, may wish to look down at

2, improve the site function

website function should satisfy the order system, the most basic function of review, actually this is also to emphasize, website function is not much, but in the user experience, whether you develop websites can help consumers shopping, if can help consumers shopping function are good function. Now there are many websites have opened a special brand landing page, the benefits of doing so is the breakdown of the products, and make users more easily for the selection of products, such as more practical functions, can do.

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