Analysis of website promotion of local tourism website positioning optimization process

second, analysis of the services provided by the scenic spots. The second will focus on narrowing the scope of their site Tangyu tourism network, this site is for the user to provide quality around Xi’an, spa tourism sites for users, the natural site to serve as the leading spa for men, women, refined soup soup, carp soup, milk soup and so on, they think the local domain the first is the natural advantage of hot spring spa water temperature at 40 degrees above the non artificial hot spring is the biggest advantage, secondly, drive from Xi’an very near, starting from Xi’an to Tangyu it back and forth for three hours on the weekend is very suitable for family style tourism. Finally, the environment is very beautiful scenery, near the temple, Lake Goods are available in all varieties. I think the key is three points above our side spa industry is different from other tourist attractions around Xi’an, the core of the.

fourth, analysis of website promotion ideas. The author thinks that the website positioning in addition to the above three points of the core.

first, tourism website user groups positioning. This is obviously for users of affirmation to tourism, the author here to remind the obvious geographical characteristics. The site for the users location is different, such as the site is the site of hot springs around the city of Xi’an, according to the user is near Xi’an, one of the big wild goose pagoda in Xi’an is also the scenic spots in Xi’an, but for the user is the country, it is the same for the tourist site positioning range clear user is the basic work to be done, for different customers of our promotion will change correspondingly, such as near Xi’an to the Xi’an forum, Xi’an city like the site, for the user like Ctrip the forum, Showtime Travel Forum is the object of our choice, so the clear user is the foundation.

with the rapid development of e-commerce, many local enterprises also seize the opportunity to drive into the body strength field of the Internet, of course, to very simple two words of interest, the Internet is not only reflected in the quick search of information, is the best platform for local enterprises to expand publicity and the best place, I believe that in such a big trend next, for the local tourism industry is the best channel to expand their good visibility, the local tourism industry website on-line at the beginning I think positioning is the key to this position well together with the intention of customers is inevitable, good gossip short continued the author will from the following several aspects detailed and everybody to share.

third, a detailed analysis of website profit pattern. The user and the local characteristics of scenic spot service, profit is actually below the natural thing, the cost of tickets, natural attractions of hot springs cost, secondly, local enterprises for advertising expenses on their website, these can become the basis to support the website profit and development, the author thinks that the website profit in addition to fee, for contact local businesses advertising is the core, because the quality of local businesses is the key customer service can be very good for customer service, also for the site to get a long-term indirect level steady income this is very worthy of recommendation

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