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three, filling in blog content


two, the basic elements of blog

enterprise network is a lot of information about this, there are also many companies have on the network to make the first pot of gold in the process of carrying out network marketing, and I want to share today is the enterprise how to use the existing well-known blog blog to carry out network marketing work the little bit of personal experience, not worth mentioning, want to share with you, I hope you give me some advice.

two, the basic elements of blog


I’ll give you a brief outline of what I’m going to say for you to read.

Network marketing it are now very understanding of the

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above is my eyes of the third party blog system investigation and screening, and we have different opinions or supplements, you can give me a message, we discuss together.

1. Screening for third party blogs

3 finally, this blog site investigation work is with the above two is the opposite, try not to choose not popular and well-known website blog, also do not go to some not related to your business web site opened a business blog, for example, your company is selling cars, but you can find an introduction a woman’s website, that is "have no relevance" feeling.

summary: if sh419 or other search engines have keywords to traffic, appropriate to put more relevant keywords advertising, and the relevant column in conspicuous position, can improve the conversion rate of Taobao railway station.

one, third party blog system troubleshooting and screening

1 first, the popularity of the website of choice, this is certainly the more famous the better, here I will list some I use my blog, for example: Sina blog, blog, blog NetEase, Sohu blog, blog bus, Baidu space and so on, to establish their own business name in the blog. The blog itself, the exposure and ranking will depend on the other. Specific, you can Baidu Google search to see, in general these sites blog ranking is very high;

, that is to say, our enterprise blog needs to have those required templates

this paper has shown that we are to set up in the other third party website blog system, carry out blog network marketing work, so the blog system on a network of tens of thousands of, we do not all have to be used, we have selectively screened out some suitable for our enterprise website blog come here, my thoughts are as follows:

The central idea of

four, how to do blog network promotion optimization

a few days ago, sh419 update, my Taobao station Ibuy Amoy News Network appeared in sh419 search for a keyword, taobao shopping shoes, because every day observation statistics, soon I found this view, sh419 search volume index, every day is not great, I came to the station is just a few sporadic IP, but no one would be spared in principle, I put a substantial advertising page for the full withdrawal of the shoes, women’s shoes column also put on the prominent position, want to is whether we can improve the conversion rate, after everything is ready for the… Second days, surprise… As shown in figure

2 Secondly, industry blog site selection, try to match their own industry blog, what does it mean, for example, your business is to do health care products, so you can choose to health and health as the main content of the website, and apply for the enterprise blog you, do what is good about first, the target customers, the specificity of this type of website, is the direct counterpart of your product, second, in the industry, your business name identification and product will be most recognized;

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