Analysis of several cases of snapshot not update

analysis of Zhengzhou Shanghai Dragon Star tour map does not update the snapshot is for the above 4 aspects, of course, for the webmaster, have not updated, the reason is still hope from all sorts of strange things, so to find their own reasons, careful observation, thinking. Find out the problem to solve, so that the site is more conducive to search engine spiders crawl and >

link change

C: link quality is not high or much less.

A: DNS error or stop parsing. My friend once stood open, looking for a long time did not find the problem, finally found the domain name domain name has expired, and without a renewal, so the website does not open, the loss of many users.

C: Web sites to delete a lot of content.

4, website update / site is new

A: see others site is not updated snapshot is the same as the next update. However, if the site weight is not high, if you don’t update, the spider crawling website, no updates are found, it will reduce the number of pages that you crawl snapshot not update

B: there are many webmaster, just do the site, it has been said why the website is not updated snapshot, so I want to ask, you are the love of Shanghai Google or CEO, update the thing is you say? So do we need to be patient, step by step.

B: the anchor text link changes, key adjustment.

A: spam links or K website in Links.

1, the website cannot open / website cannot access

A: modify the site title, keyword or description, etc.. Site title and keywords, describe these things, determined, cannot easily modify.


site changes


C: a web application error, error or incompatible procedures etc..

B: website space service providers. For example, web space attack or upgrade space, and access to the large amount and so on, will cause the website does not open, can not affect the spider crawling, page snapshot not update.

in the forum to see someone always ask, why my website has not been updated snapshot? This problem has plagued many webmaster heart, website snapshot update, website weight is better, higher quality of the original article, but also conducive to the website ranking. However, the site does not update, but will cause the site to promote the work of all the stagnant effect, but if you do not find the problem, it will affect all aspects of the network marketing work. The following, the author analyzes several web page snapshot not update, we hope to help.

B: website interior modulation section, or revision etc..

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