A5 marketing regional enterprises, ranking you ready

now when it comes to Shanghai dragon ranking, usually that is: there are the national rankings, but some sites, may not need to have the national rankings, as long as in a certain area of ranking, so it is successful! Relatively speaking, this competition will be more relaxed, but the real people do less and less, or said: the vast majority of enterprises in Shanghai dragon, also thought about this problem? So, how do you make the area type


four: do the localization of

keyword density, presumably do Shanghai Longfeng people know, here do not explain, here I want to say is: if you want to do the local ranking, keyword density, then the local type, also need to do. Not necessarily must reach a certain value, but at least we should let it appear on the home page in the frequency of not less than 10 cycles, while in the page, you can make the appropriate circulation.

province city is referred to the provinces, the city is referred to as coord, page information of latitude and longitude coordinates using the bd09ll coordinate. If the page information for the city level, fill in the city center point. If the page information has a specific address, the coordinates of latitude and longitude to fill in the specific address (API address resolution can be obtained through a love map of Shanghai).

a simple example: "Xuzhou XXXX call center", which is the representative of the XXX website brand word, and the words suggest is "global" throughout the site title to. If the lack of such words, make the site area type of lack of accurate ranking efforts. Even from the other point of view: the lack of brand optimization, search engine is also very exclusive


two: with the area density of

: a prominent regional brand

so, this subject what benefits? Love Shanghai official: "from the search behavior of users can see the love of Shanghai, a large number of users for local or near the more apt. The webmaster with geographical information annotation, we will match the page according to the geographical information and the location of the user, the priority show close results. That is to say, you >

let the search engines know where your website, is the main product in what place, this will give you a better score area. For this, Shanghai also had the description of love, it is to use the Meta statement.

three: Links

is now 90% of the website Links, link is the core of "flow of words", but a large number of links to key words, will reduce the search engine for the standard for evaluation of the website. This time the appropriate link to local brand words, words, will greatly enhance the score, the author suggested: the core flow of words, in exchange links, the ratio does not exceed 50%.



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