Chen Danian 16 years of entrepreneurship, am deeply aware of the hard work can be successful is wr

1, founded grand

more than and 10 years ago, and I (Note: the famous investor, Harvard Center responsible person) just know, Shanda also has just started, then we average working time per day for nearly 15 hours a year, only about seven days of rest. We grew up with the traditional success education, such as the "rich" people for having heard it many times, "the reason for my success is other people’s time to drink coffee for learning", and "leaders must take the lead" and so on, and we have been in this state of mind at work.


later, it was a great success.

you know, grand to the company played a positive role in Chinese Internet, because not only was the grand China most profitable Internet Co and Chinese users of the largest Internet Co in 2000, and it around the Internet for the first time when the bubble bursts, but also re-establish confidence of capital Chinese Internet industry.

at that time, the capital believes that the eyeball economy, but many investors in China voted for many years still can not see the hope of profit, and Usa Network Inc has been living by selling advertising is very good. At this time, we made a grand online games (Note: Shanda launched in 2000 MMORPG game "legend"), suddenly opened the market, and began to make money, but also earn a lot of money. Then the investor said, "Yo, China can make money, but the way to make money in China is different from that in the United States.".

however, when this is done, it seems to us and the industry a big hint, that is, "venture to go all out" logic is right. In addition, another is because we desperately feel panic, not to miss an opportunity may be lost. So we go on like this. But things have changed.

in 2006, our two brothers went to the hospital more and more. Few people know that there is a very extreme pathological reaction called "near death experience". The first time I experienced, is following an overpass in Pudong, ten in the evening, the cold Street overpass on the cold dimly. I lay on the ground, looked up days, waiting for the ambulance, but my heart has been confirmed in a few minutes, I will die. However, later rescued come, but the body collapsed, for today is unable to withstand normal working strength.

2, reflection

later I thought, this thing is not science, because I was watching TV drama is similar to the plot: a person to start a successful business, drink a little wine every day, driving, playing chess. Why has it become so hard every day in my life that I finally put myself in the hospital?

so, I began to reflect on the "venture to desperately to succeed," the logic, right? I read a lot of books, but also for a long time. Later, I found that hard to create >

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