Please treat the webmaster love Shanghai share button should not blindly brush flow

popular social media, let the webmaster also busy, launched more social media marketing strategy. The dominant search engine love Shanghai also launched its own not resigned to playing second fiddle, social sharing platform. Love love Shanghai Shanghai launched the share button after the station began to crazy, love Shanghai share button in the end of the website optimization has no effect, the webmaster or to watch the love Shanghai official said, began to brush share amount don’t confused, in the infinite or remind the webmaster to share button to love Shanghai.

The function of such a

first: to improve web crawl rate. The official love Shanghai can see, add love Shanghai share button website, love Shanghai spider web site in the grab will increase the speed, the common site spider is not regular will grab your links, and then stored in the database, love Shanghai crawler again according to the database stored in the regular crawl the site, such circulation speed is very slow. For the love of Shanghai add share button web site, users in the sharing website content, website links spider directly stored in the database, the spider will immediately grab your links content, so as to improve the speed of Web site content grab.

, the station began to unscrupulous brush flow, with the same IP to share the content of the website, that it can speed up the web crawling, this practice is not desirable. Spiders can easily tell whether share content from the same user, excessive brush website to share, to share is very easy to create the effect of cheating, spiders will give this website right down, if you encounter such a situation, the webmaster is the The loss outweighs the gain.

Second: to improve website traffic

finally: free data flow. Love Shanghai share button than other sharing some advantage is: the webmaster can see the data in the background of Shanghai love. The webmaster installed love Shanghai share on your site, if the user sharing website, Shanghai will automatically record a love. At the same time, will also record share back flow, through the analysis of the data, the webmaster can clearly see the website brings high flow, which share conversion. Find your own web site platform, such share more specific, to the site

. Love Shanghai share function and other share button is the same, the website content to share social platform, so that the site can bring more traffic, Shanghai can share love to a different site, the user only needs to click the mouse, and can make a web site to improve exposure rate, let site is more users to browse. The webmaster want their website to have more traffic, love Shanghai share button improve site exposure rate, but it can improve the flow quantity? Many webmaster are just for the number of share, and do not take into account the efficiency of the share, you share can be seen to have traffic, if only share content, but no user preview is useless. The webmaster to have many platform account, the best account level is high, to more users friends, this is really bring effective flow.

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