The construction of the chain webmaster rainy day error caused by site is down right

on the 3.19 day of the official launch of Shanghai refused to love the chain tool, if you find the number of links pointing to your site, such as the low quality of false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool. Love Shanghai introduced to the webmaster tools has advantages and disadvantages, many owners mentality is not good enough to meet your site is down right, will "think" the site is because of the construction of the chain is K, will submit your site outside the chain of Shanghai refused to love chain tools, but many owners are unable to determine which link is love Shanghai believes that garbage links may be outside the chain on the web site for shielding is beneficial, garbage outside chain is not their own webmaster "thinks" the love of Shanghai algorithm. For the love of Shanghai official pointed out spam chain, before the webmaster can on the website is in love with the sea K, submitted to the Shanghai refused to love tools can reduce the site is K, but this "rainy day" the premise is that the owners need to search engine algorithms very understanding, in strict accordance with the guidelines for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng garbage link shield.

before raising the judgment standard of search engine of foreign chain, the construction of the chain is the webmaster made very boring work, more and more opportunistic owners began to do outside the chain, the chain number has access to more foreign owners, the chain website weight judgment standard understanding error, think that the chain number website and the weight of the website will be higher. Such as the construction of the chain forum most easily, the webmaster forum with top stick machine to do the forum outside the chain, such a "rainy day" the construction of the chain method, it is very wrong, not only in profit before prepare >


submit the "chain

thinks" garbage

on the line before the construction of the chain too much

opportunistic to get the chain number

"content is king, the chain for the emperor" theory in the webmaster always a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Shanghai dragon optimization thinking, the chain is the search engine to determine the weights of the website, so the construction of the chain is the webmaster webmaster very much, "the construction of the chain is beneficial for a rainy day", whether the resulting site is down right now, part-time webmaster with common discussion.

competition site, just outside the chain of competitors, his number would like to do more to do more, to the number of the chain webmaster can reach a certain amount, on the site before the online, selected good domain name of the site and the construction of the chain. The spider will crawl to the site through the chain to grab, but the website content and no on-line operation, so that the spider is empty and go. Long time no such content crawl, is no good for the website operation. A new station on the line before the rush to increase the chain to the site, no matter it is right or wrong, "rainy day" the construction of the chain don’t do "rotten", the construction of the chain should pay attention to the quality, stability, wide and thin, the construction principle of the chain: focusing on quality, not quantity is, don’t let the flood caused the chain site is down right.

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