Love Shanghai and remedy snapshot backwards

3: in your Links inside the station was K. The recent Shanghai love temper is not good, every little update, there are some of the stations are in love with gross altitude. If your friend chain there is such a chain, is likely to be implicated.

security first do their website, website security is the basic. One of my station since being black once after every time I close the write permissions after updating the content. Although you can not be completely avoided, but at least can reduce the occurrence of such a situation.

then the face of love Shanghai snapshot backwards we change how to remedy?

4: space, server problems. The website does not open, site poisoning etc. These are the cause of love Shanghai snapshot backwards.

love Shanghai snapshot backwards, more rigorous is due to certain reasons to love Shanghai are compared and selected in the database, extract the previous data to define your snapshot. The image of that, as one of my site in Shanghai love snapshot date is 11.20, but your search is the latest web page extraction results in Google, this station is extracted in Shanghai and Google described under different. Why is there such a big difference? It is a sign of love in Shanghai K station, where we can understand his love Shanghai issued a warning to you.

if you are because the adjustment of website title, in the snapshot back, ready to restore your original page content. But this is not meaningful, hard to find keywords is optimized, finally had to delete redo, this is a very depressing thing, and even restored, and that is equal to the original track, there is no progress, it is not advisable to do so. My advice is to adhere to the original content updates, and then to find some high quality of the chain, let love Shanghai to love you stand.

love Shanghai recently seems to have great changes, the website ranking fluctuations without the law, love Shanghai snapshot are not stable, last week or the next snapshot, after a small update snapshot of love Shanghai love Shanghai back to a half months ago, the keyword rankings have disappeared, this kind of situation have?

so what is the cause of the site snapshot back:

if it is because of excessive optimization, then you need to reduce the degree of optimization for you, may you do too obvious, such as bold and red what the search is very cold this class to retrieve a new bold and red, and these words and your keywords, a judge for cheating. The increase of the chain also requires a gradual, not.

of the site title site structure to do a substantial adjustment, or replacement of a website template, cause love Shanghai suddenly feel strange to you.

recently on the site for 2 reasons: excessive optimization, such as the recent instability increases a lot of the chain, or the optimization technique of black hat.

1 reasons: the

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