n order to improve the analysis of new love in several places should pay attention to the weight of

there are many webmaster will choose the DIV+CSS site in the early form, because in their view, this form is more conducive to the love of Shanghai spiders crawl. In fact, in my opinion, the problem is not in this place, as long as our site layout has clear layer structure code, can let the spider in the shortest possible time to catch their prey, OK. But in such a way, need to carefully design the webmaster.

now China search engine industry is love Shanghai in the world, especially after the departure of Google China market, love Shanghai is accounted for 72% of stride forward singing militant songs, the proportion of the industry, and the increasing trend of development, the webmaster all know that love has a special liking for the sea has always been their own products, give them great weight the result is, input a keyword, ranking is this product. So in love now Shanghai China search engine industry, we should focus on improving the Shanghai love weight, so as to make your site more visibility, more volume.

two. The website access speed and content

our website is not only to the viewer, but also to "see" the spider love Shanghai, if their initial site server selection is not appropriate, resulting in their web page open speed is very low, it will greatly dampen the spider on the website of the favor, so in the construction site, we have to choose a a stable server, in addition, the content of the website is to keep the height of the original, every time the spider grab content, find other content and Internet sites on the similar rate is very high, he would think that your site is not friendly enough, the strength is not enough, in the course of time is.

finally, the site map we need to make a decent map, role is to set the whole site columns generally appear in front of the tourists, let them know the function of the website and the specific settings, makes an overall understanding of the website, can make the flow accurately reach every corner the site, so as to improve the weight of love in Shanghai.

then way to do a good job of deep arrangement, it is important to reduce website bounce rate, increase the user access depth is of great help. The way of deep arrangement but also easy to understand, is the "onion" like, this classification from the home page – clothing – women, making users more targeted, more precise classification, this well, not only can be a good guide to tourists, but also to create a good spider crawling way, very included in the website.

first site navigation must have, it is a site of the facade, when a visitor enters your website, is the first to see the site navigation, and site navigation when you do delicate, reasonable, it will play a role throughout the entire page, will lead to a lot of traffic, besides now love Shanghai attaches great importance to the "user experience", only their navigation column layout, we will get more clicks.

website layout.

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